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Braless Bella Thorne leaves nothing to the imagination

22-year-old actress and singer Bella Thorne has been spurring her Instagram feed with numerous quarantine selfies and posts in the last couple of weeks. Most of them were visibly inelaborate and makeup-free, although hot as hell, but the last one turned out to be slightly more intimate than all the rest.

It turns out that the ongoing lockdown has made American childhood star Bella Thorne rethink her image, as she appealed to fans this week, inquiring whether her next hair shade should be blonde or red. But it’s not the genuine question that made Thorne’s followers go bonkers, but rather an obvious absence of a brassiere in the pic that the actress did not try too much to hide.

In all three mirror selfies the star shared with her 22.7 million followers, Thorne was posing in a white tank top, slightly unbuttoned short denim Daisy Dukes shorts and white sneakers. The actress wore no makeup, as she usually does when taking home pics, and was revealing her evenly tanned belly button.

Thorne’s wavy green-stripped hair looked visibly unbothered, as it did not expect the changes it has yet to go through.

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💍💍 should I go blonde next? Or redhead?

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“Blondes have more fun. I know this because I’ve been really fucking boring since growing out my roots,” disagreed Chanel West Coast, an American TV personality.

Last week, the actress brought joy to her fans with another shameless post, as she was advertising her dancing moves in her greenish bikini at the backyard of her California-based mansion. The new publication has already landed Thorne more than eight hundred thousand positive reactions in just several hours, and it looks like things won’t stop there.

What you need to know before buying Rick and Morty sweatshirts

Rick and Morty sweatshirts are hand-crafted, unique, attractive, affordable and of premium quality.

A large number of customers (children and adults) opt for Rick and Morty products because they are unbelievably soft and durable. For the fact that Rick and Morty has your need for comfort and style at heart, all sweatshirts in the company’s fashion line contain 100% organic cotton to ensure a smooth feel on your skin. Additionally, the fashion items are carefully designed by professionals with extraordinary skills in DTG technology, a two-layer construction design which requires one-by-one printing to control product quality.

Rick and Morty sweatshirts are, unarguably, your best option for warmth. The clothing comes in different sizes, colours and designs, with quality imprints as well as high-definition graphics. Rick and Morty fans love the rare and matchless sweaters mainly because the clothes are resistant to mildew, shrinking and abrasion. The fuzzy feeling you get while adorning a Rick and Morty sweatshirt is responsible for the company’s ever-increasing number of loyal customers around the world. Moreover, your love for the products grows in leaps and bounds when you have your shopping facts—something first-time buyers at Meziesblog are privileged to get here.

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Just like hoodies, sweatshirts are worn by people of all ages and social class. Rick and Morty sweatshirts are suitable for all occasions—as a casual or corporate wear. And guess what. You will certainly appear younger and rejuvenated wearing one.

However, with the growing popularity of sweaters around the world, the options for fabrics, styles and colours have increased, too. So, choosing the correct material has become an uphill task because your choice in a particular season or weather determines the level of satisfaction you derive from using Rick and Morty sweaters.

Tips to consider

Sweatshirt material: Sweaters are made of different fabric types. For example, manufacturers use same hoodie materials for sweatshirts but the difference is mostly noticed by the comfort levels enjoyed by wearers. This highlights the importance of carefully choosing your sweatshirt materials.

  • Fleece: This clothing material is washable, easy to maintain, durable, soft to touch, and good for warmth.
  • Cotton blends: This combination of cotton and other fabrics are mostly suitable in rainforest zones, especially during rainy seasons because they resist water, helps the user stay dry, and may serve like a time-honoured wind cover.
  • Heavy fleece with a blend of wool: This sweatshirt quality is found mainly in cold climate zones and is made of fleece and wool. Rick and Morty sweatshirt fans are guaranteed a maximum warmth that keeps body heat at normal levels. Another quality in this category includes those with additional lining that may be combined with a light jacket for protection in moderately cold seasons.
  • Nylon blends: These are best worn when going out under the rain because it’s good at repelling moisture.
  • Brushed cotton: This is considered the best quality of sweaters because of its soft fabric texture.

Before buying your choice Rick and Morty sweatshirt, consider your climate and the season. For example, you need water-repellent products such as those made of nylon blends during rainy seasons whereas those living in cooler climates should try sweatshirts made from a combination of polyester and cotton. However, in all geographical zones, the conventional fleece material has always been a popular choice.

Irobiko Chimezie

Why most people love hoodies

Have you ever wondered why people love hoodies so much that they wear it in hot weather? You must have seen it from Winnie The Pooh, right? Maybe, yes. But you didn’t have to notice his clothing because that perpetual depressing countenance was a turnoff.

Most people look adorably beautiful in hoodies that you impulsively feel like giving them hugs.

Admittedly, Winnie looked damn cute in it, too, in a way that makes one want to pamper him a bit. That’s what hoodie lovers get every day of their lives.

Most hoodies are specially made and unarguably cool in appearance, quality and sensation. You will never wear one without getting a couple of compliments on your youthful appearance. They are excellent for sporting activities like jogging and exercising, especially in cold weather conditions. Yoga practitioners, athletes, entrepreneurs and blue-collar workers love them. And hoodies appeal to richly-endowed women and girls who love to hide their goodies.

How about avoiding wardrobe malfunction? Hoodies can help you do just that—because they fit almost anything—especially if you choose the right quality from reputable companies. The clothing is just too cool and casual for most people that they stockpile different colors in their wardrobes, particularly those who express their moods with colors—a reason they say hoodie lovers are suffering “toxic fandom.” But that’s a compliment.

Hoodies family.png

Hoodies appeal to people of all ages. They feel so cool and soft on the skin that you can wear them some layers underneath or nothing at all—and it’ll still look awesome. No one will even notice that. Moreover, most hoodies have an outlandish way of stirring your unconscious love beautiful, comfy and yet affordable clothes.

My latest shopping discovery was made while searching for the best hoodies to gift my fellow hoodie fans. My previous efforts were disappointing, then frustrating and eventually frantic until I stumbled on some perfectly-made designs at one of the best retailers and wholesale merchants with strong online presence and distribution networks. I loved their hoodies stock from the bottom of my heart, and it was more so because I found the color mix and artistic designs to be unique, weird lovely, intimidating, charming and thought-provoking. I still have the imagery in my memory because the hoodies were nothing like I have seen anywhere before.

Hoodies are made from combinations of durable, machine-washable and color-friendly fabrics (Polyester, Lycra, Cotton, and Elastane) that resist abrasion, wrinkles, shrinking and mildew. The colors don’t fade easily and the designs will never peel or crack. There are designs tailored to suit your personality, style and mood, as always desired by smart buyers who understand the real value of comfort and belongingness.

Hoodie designers are brilliantly inventive in their fashion designs and somewhat reflects on your beliefs—like imprints that support human rights, environmental conservation, political ideologies, religious philosophies, sexualities, gender equality, global peace etc. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn hoodies without purpose. Your love for the fabrics and designs make you our hero. Try one today for a memorable fashion experience.

Cardi B exploring fashion world with kids

Cardi B wants her daughter to be “CEO” of a new kids’ clothing collection.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker and her husband Offset are keen to work on a clothing range for young people and want their 17-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari to take the reigns.

Speaking about the idea, she told Vogue magazine: “And the CEO is over there. Right, Kulture? I’m busting my a** right now so you could have a good car when you’re 18, so you can go to school and have an apartment that I could pay for.

“If my daughter wants to go to college, that’s okay, but I just want her to be an owner of whatever the f**k she wants to own. Just be an owner. Be the boss.”

Meanwhile, Cardi previously revealed her and Offset row about who “dresses better”.

She said: “His style is real hypebeast. It’s good hypebeast, but sometimes we disagree on certain things. We be going at each other because sometimes it’s like, who dressed better? It’s been getting a little intense but when an outfit is really good we give each other so many compliments. We’re each other’s biggest fans. And when it comes to the red carpet, there have been certain times that we don’t know, [don’t] communicate with each other, so when we’re together on the red carpet the outfits don’t look good. We started speaking more about it, like, ‘Hey, if I’m going to wear an extravagant outfit you should be really cut clean.’ If he’s going real extra, I’ll go real clean.”

And the 27-year-old rapper says it has become “a new hobby” dressing her daughter Kulture Kiari, 15 months, and described it as “dressing a doll”.

She added: “It’s been my new hobby lately. When I shop, I usually put the outfits on my bed and spread them out and say this would look good with this type of coat, and now I’m not even doing it as much. I’m just doing it with her stuff, and I’m just waiting for these fur coats to come in. I’m going to be styling, but yeah it’s so fun. It’s like dressing a doll all over again.”

Women are so multifaceted, you can’t put them in a box – Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is “fascinated” by her style evolution.

The ‘Spring Breakers’ star has sported a number of looks throughout the years and she is always amazed by how her style has changed.

She said: “I think the message is that women don’t have to be one thing. We’re so multifaceted; the more we embrace our duality, the stronger we are … My style, and the evolution of it, is something that’s fascinating to me. Where I was ten years ago is so different from where I am now. It was a very Bohemian time for me. I would always be in maxi dresses with feather earrings and my long hair. I just felt so feminine and flowy. Now, I love an iconic look.”

And the 30-year-old actress thinks people struggle to tell her age because of her breakout role in ‘High School Musical’.

She added to Women’s Wear Daily: “No one ever gets my age right, I used to want to be older when I was younger. Now that I’m 30, if you tell me I look underage, I actually greatly appreciate it. Most people are acquainted with me via ‘High School Musical’, so I think in their eyes, I’ll be forever 15.

“People 100% still look at me as Gabriella but it’s really sweet that I get to be a part of people’s childhood and take them back to a time for them when things were simpler. That’s a beautiful thing. I’ve played so many different kinds of people, I don’t think that you can put me into a box.”

Will Adidas eventually go vegan?

Stella McCartney has said that she hopes Adidas will, someday, go vegan on more products.

The 48-year-old fashion designer has worked with the sportswear brand to create vegan alternatives to its popular Stan Smith collection of footwear and Stella hopes it will encourage them to go vegan on more products.

She told “Consumers really are more conscious of where things come from now, and how they are made. But I think many people don’t really care or can’t tell the difference between the real leather and faux leather pair.

“It just makes me think how many animals’ lives could be saved if Stan Smith and Adidas would change from real leather to vegetarian leather, and use non-animal-based glues like we use.

“The launch of our vegan Stan Smith brought us a whole new customer which was predominantly the younger generation. So many young people came into our stores to enquire about the Stan Smith, asking questions about what the trainer was made with, telling our staff about why it was important for them to choose a vegan shoe over a leather one and what it represented. This is the future.”

Stella also insisted that the fashion industry needs to take action on the world’s climate crisis.

She said: “The world is crying out for change. The younger generation are standing up and telling us that our house is on fire and that we need to respond like we are in a crisis (because we are in fact in a crisis). As one of the most polluting industries in the world, the fashion industry is now at a crossroads. We need to come together and achieve sustainable change to build a better future.”

Trendy 2019 fashion styles from Asian celebrities

This week, Rui En looked all sexy in a black blazer dress and knee-high leather boots at the Cartier party, Sheila Sim turned up the heat by donning a sparkly black dress featuring a low plunging neckline.

Julie Tan got in the festive celebratory mood in a striking red frock from the Giambattista Valli X H&M collection, starlet Vanessa Ho wowed us with her hourglass figure, and Joanna Dong’s gorgeous multi print skirt grabbed our attention and now, we can’t stop thinking about it.

Let’s peep at the most stylish celeb OOTDs of the week


Sheila Sim

Sheila wore a skinny and glittering black dress to the Cartier party, looking all glammed up to party the night away. The highlight of the dress was of course its seductive and super daring neckline which we think would require lots of confidence to pull off.

Photo: Instagram/@the_celebrityagency, @sheila_sim


Julie Tan

Julie was decked out in head to toe red, looking radiant and happy for some early festive celebrations. If you’re still looking for what to wear for Christmas or Chinese New Year, we think her siren red frock from Giambattista Valli X H&M is a fail-proof choice.

Photo: Instagram/@julietan_cxq


Kayly Loh

Not all blazers are created equal. Look closer and you’ll realize that Kayly’s over-sized blazer here consists of glitter details, providing a high shine and glamorous look. We’ve got our eye on this for the festive season.

Photo: Instagram/@kaylywayly


Rui En

Clad in a full black look consisting of a blazer dress and knee-high leather boots, Rui En attended the Cartier party looking sexy, ultra-confident, and not to be messed with.

Photo: Instagram/@rbkd


Shen Momo

Cutie pie Momo was spotted in a stylish streetstyle friendly getup comprising of a Supreme Pink Panther T-shirt and chunky sneakers. How double tap worthy is this OOTD!

Photo: Instagram/@keweitay


Kym Ng

Is it too early for some CNY outfit inspo? Of course not. We’re seriously lusting over Kym’s plum lace sleeveless cheongsam from The Missing Piece; it hugs her body at all the right places, showing off her curves. You go, girl!

Photo: Instagram/@the_celebrityagency, Mediacorp


Joanna Dong

Joanna’s slogan T-shirt is undoubtedly the best way to show off what she’s truly passionate of – jazz music! Her multi-layer and -print skirt is definitely an eye-catching piece that’ll set others saying, “I want that skirt too!”

Photo: Instagram/@benolim


Chase Tan

Christmas is coming and you know what that means… it’s the time of the year to fish out that red sweater from your closet and wear it for the countdown parties! Chase’s Zegna sweater here comes with graphic prints so it doesn’t look too festive, meaning you can wear it all year round.

Photo: Instagram/@chaseetan


Rebecca Lim

Rebecca’s one-shoulder frock is giving us a major ’70s #throwback. We especially love the lilac colour which is a difficult hue to pull off, and the actress did it like a pro by matching it with a pair of leather boots for a tough chic look.

Photo: Instagram/@shaunleelee


Vanessa Ho

​​​​​​​Star Search 2019 finalist Vanessa looked smoking hot in this crochet swimsuit, flaunting her hourglass figure at the pool. Those who prefer something less revealing can consider layering a kimono jacket over it.

Photo: Instagram/@vaneszs.h

I expected too much from the fashion industry – Victoria Beckham

Former pop-star Victoria Beckham knew she’d have to win over hard-to-impress fashion critics when she launched her first clothing line a decade ago, but the one-time Spice Girl said the industry was much harder to crack than she had ever imagined.

Speaking in Paris on Friday (Nov 15) at a conference organized by Vogue magazine, Beckham, whose collections have since gained critical acclaim and won fashion awards for their fluid, sharp tailoring, said she was expanding her empire with make-up and skincare ranges.

Victoria and David Beckham.jpg

Image: Victoria and David Beckham, former England and Manchester United player

“I was very aware of the preconceptions, being married to David Beckham, being a Spice Girl, all of a sudden here’s a collection, I knew that eyes would roll,” she said, adding she’d focused on “making it all about the clothes and not listening to any of that.”

Beckham cited late Chanel creative chief Karl Lagerfeld and Italy’s Valentino Garavani as two designers who had helped her, but said the notoriously cutthroat industry had surprised her.

“If I’d known then what I know now, I don’t know if I’d have the courage to do it,” she joked.

According to the latest British company filings, Beckham’s brand, which is privately owned by the designer, David Beckham and agent Simon Fuller, was still in the red in 2017. It raised 30 million pounds (S$52.6 million) two years ago from NEO Investment Partners to revive the brand.

Beckham said on Friday that as well as a recently launched make-up line, her brand would be turning out skincare products, as well as fragrances, possibly next year.

Cosmetics are an often highly profitable sideline for luxury labels, and large rivals, from Kering and Gucci to Hermes, have expanded their ranges, which are accessible to a wider range of shoppers.

Known as “Posh Spice” when she was in the 1990s girl band, Beckham, dressed on Friday in a green tweed suit, said she did not regret any of her previous fashion choices – including stage outfits such as the PVC catsuits she once sported.

Trendy Asian fashion styles (24.10.2019)

This week, Paige Chua’s highly versatile polka dot one shoulder top is on our shopping list.

Huang Biren showed us the perfect ‘power suit’ to wear from boardrooms to bars, and we’d gladly wear Jesseca Liu’s stylish casual Friday get-up throughout week.

Felicia Chin also hit the stage in a traffic-stopping yellow suit, while Nurul Aini’s sweater weather outfit is a stylish and functional option to wear to chilly offices. Here are more fashion trends for your delight:


Jesseca Liu

We’ve found the perfect, and most stylish casual Friday look. Jesseca looked cool in this fuss free getup, consisting of a tailored blazer, logo T-shirt, skinny jeans and patterned slip-ons. Complete it with a statement bag and you’re ready to reach for the doorknob.


Huang Biren

After wowing us with a scarlet suit last week at the Star Search Semi-finals, Biren’s returned with yet another ‘power suit’ which she expertly paired with metallic gold stilettos, making it an outfit that can transit smoothly from boardroom to bars.


Felicia Chin

Speaking of suits, we’re also in love with Felicia’s brightly lit look here. Wearing a traffic stopping yellow suit and gold peep toe heels, the actress definitely stood out on stage.


Joanne Peh

Want a different striped look? Consider Joanne’s printed dress here as it features several colours including ravishing red, making it a striking number to wear at parties.


Chen Hanwei

We can always trust on Hanwei for some serious style inspiration. We are obsessed with his asymmetric long sleeve shirt that adds a twist to his monochrome look.


Nurul Aini

Nurul looked super adorable in this OOTD with her daughter. We love her outfit here too; the slim, long sleeve sweater works great in chilly offices while her pleated skirt and sock boots are pretty much after office hours ready.


Gerald Koh

The 987 DJ cleaned up real nice for a Mediacorp trade event on Thursday (Oct 17), donning a skinny check suit. We like how he opted for a graphic T-shirt instead of a shirt because we totally understand how hot it can get outdoors.


Paige Chua

Paige’s one shoulder polka dot top is a piece we’ll gladly have in our wardrobes. It’s versatile because it can be worn under a blazer for work, with denims on weekends and black cigarette pants, like Paige for a date or night out.


Zoe Tay

Ah Jie looked every inch like a #girlboss in this office appropriate get-up. The gigantic rose print on her skirt as well as oversized bow and frills on her blouse make it hard for us to take our eyes off her.

Photo: Instagram/@zoetay10


Yvonne Lim

Yvonne looked both stylish and sexy in this leather jacket and animal print dress combo. We’ll pair it with leather boots to complete the look.

Photo: Instagram/@yvonnelim928


Joanna Dong

We love a customised denim jacket and Joanna’s version here features numerous iron-on patches and pins, which you can purchase from her online store, making her jacket look extra #fancy and fabulous.

Photo: Instagram/@j_o_a_n_n_a_d_o_n_g


He Ying Ying

Ying Ying’s winter holiday look is making us super envious… if only Singapore’s weather could turn cold enough for us to layer up like her. We like how she gave her streetwear look a bit of playfulness with that Pink Panther charm on her bag.

Photo: Instagram/@hereisyingying


Constance Lau

One, two, three, strike a pose! Last Madame star Constance looked cover girl ready in this Salvatore Ferragamo tartan trench coat that provided her the perfect opportunity to show off her legs for days.

Photo: Instagram/@constancelaujm