Wizkid on suicide mission

WizKid picture posted on www.meziesblog.com

Concerns fans have called out popular Nigerians singer Wizkid for his addiction to smoking.

The ‘Made in Lagos’ singer shared a photo of himself smoking marijuana, which many found offensive.

Daniel Regha, a popular social media critic, called him out for the ‘suicidal habit,’ stating that Wizkid’s addiction to smoking should not be mistaken as an indication of him having swag.

According to Regha, God frowns on smokers and Wizkid should stop smoking for the sake of his health as smokers are more likely to die young.

Regha went on to say that Wizkid should stop misleading his fans with his depressing lifestyle.

“Wizkid ur above pic would’ve made sense without the marijuana. There’s no swag in smoking & for ur sake u better quit cos smokers are liable to die young plus God frowns at smokers.

“U celebs are misleading ur followers with ur demoralising lifestyles, y’all should do better”, Regha wrote.