You should’ve seen me when I was a stripper – Cardi B

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During the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, a photo of the “Money” rapper with her husband, Offset, holding her leg up in the air on the red carpet went viral after some fans pointed out that she may have been showing off more than she realized.

To clear up any misconceptions about whether she exposed her vagina in the photo, Cardi stripped down to her birthday suit to treat her Instagram followers to a NSFW anatomy lesson.

“Y’all motherf— going around with this f—ing picture photoshopping it even more like, ‘Oh Cardi p—, Cardi p—,’” Cardi, 26, said in the clip posted to her page. “First of all, that ain’t my p—. My p— right here. This where I birthed my daughter from.”

“This right here, the part that shows when I go like this,” she continued, while lifting up her leg.

“That’s just my ass. You know when you got a fat ass. That s— gets fat right here. This the part right here, this the part that gives the d— comfort. Know what I’m saying? This the part when you go like this, in and out, that’s what this n— feel. That’s my ass.”

Before ending the lesson, Cardi referenced her former career as an exotic dancer.

“Y’all want to look at my p— so bad? You should’ve went to see me when I was a motherf—ing stripper and I was promoting myself like, ‘Come see me,’” she said. “Now, too bad!”

Alongside the video, Cardi wrote the caption, “Daaaaaamn so thirsty!”

(Please note the linked video contains nudity as well as adult language and themes and is not safe for work.)

On the red carpet, Cardi looked stunning in an ab-baring, two-piece yellow gown as she and Offset, 27, kissed and touched tongues as they posed for photos.

Cardi (who was up for 21 nominations total at the show) went on to have a big night, winning the top 100 hot song award for her collaboration with Maroon 5, “Girls Like You,” and top female rap artist award.

In classic Cardi fashion, she even deviated from the usual acceptance speech topics to plug her new Fashion Nova collection — which is out May 8.

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards aired live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1.

Ex-Playboy model Brook Burke criticized for posing nude at 47


Former Playboy model and TV star Brooke Burke has posed nude in a brand new photo shared to her Instagram page she admits took “courage to post.”

Image: Brooke Burke

The 47-year-old mother of four posted the jaw-dropping photo to her 331,000 Instagram followers.

“Going for it!” she wrote. “It took me a bit to get the courage to post. This female curated shoot which represents many things for me.

“Vulnerability, sensuality, confidence. Yaaasss we can be sexy strong and YES you can tone, sculpt & reshape your beautiful body at every age.”

She thanked photographer Sarah Orbanic for “celebrating women and encouraging me to be brave.”

Former US Dancing With the Stars winner Burke made headlines in April last year when she split from her husband of seven years, Baywatch star David Charvet.

The newly-single star’s racy snap drew a surprisingly mixed response from her Instagram followers, some applauding her but others suggesting she’d gone too far.

“Embrace and enjoy all this beauty you have created,” wrote one. “You look insane! Major goals! Send me your exact program please,” said another.

But others questioned whether the mum of four — her two youngest children are 11 and 12 — should cover up for their sake.

“Your kids are seeing this and their friends are seeing this … not appropriate,” scolded one follower.

“My son would be mortified if I posed / posted like this,” wrote another.

So how did Burke achieve her incredible, age-defying body?

She has her own fitness program, Brooke Burke Body, and once told Shape magazine she always makes time for workouts.

“I keep a large weekly calendar in my kitchen where I write down every event that’s happening in our lives,” she said. “I always pencil in my workouts there so I’ll really do them.

Unbelievable Tradition: Women strip to celebrate boy’s transition to adulthood

Nigeria’s foundation as a nation is solidly built on its enviable socio-cultural diversity, a blessing that can be maximised for the greater good though the reality shows this beloved country has suffered more for it. The people of Edo state are known as tradition keepers, hate it or love it.

A recent traditional ceremony which requires women to go half-naked while young boys are initiated into adulthood, was held in the state. This is one of the many cultural celebrations where nudity is considered an indispensable part.

Pictures taken at the event were posted on Facebook, and people have aired their opinions on a culture which some of them described as “weird and bizzare”.

Critics are yet to figure out the relationship between nudity and a boy’s transition to manhood.

Worse still, the fact that those men at the event were all clothed while women who have nothing to do with such celebrations are made to strip naked, calls for an immediate action from human rights activists.

Isn’t this an an outright violation of women’s rights?

The ceremony was reportedly held on 29 October in Lulehaland, Uzebba, Edo state, according to a report from

The Facebook user who shared the information is known as Comrade Osiki Odion. He wrote: “I want to officially, traditionally and culturally thank friends who grace the age grade celebration in my community Uzebba-Iuleha, Owan West, Edo State, Nigeria for their show of love and belief in promoting and encouraging the values and essence of our culture.
“Of importance, there is none like this culture in the entire globe.
“To my Facebook friends I love and cherish your comments.
“Our aim is to put this age-long tradition in the global scene for it to attract local, national and international tourism.
“We as children of Africa must not allow our Reverend culture to go into extinction. Our names, our language, our greetings, our dressing, our marriage, our naming, our cooperation, our administrative tradition, our economic and social values must stand us out in the world.
“Thanks. Our ancestors will continue to bless you all. ESE.”

“I am just wondering why I am not seeing any manhood displayed since its manhood celebration,” a concerned citizen asked after seeing the pictures.
“Nice one, I don’t poke nose into what I don’t know our cultural heritage must not go into extinction because of the so called civilization. Those bickering about this need to be schooled historically about the need for the renaissance of our cherished traditions,” another netizen argued in defense of the tradition.

Nude Photo Shoot: Chinese Woman Taking Photography To A New Level.

A Chinese woman has torn apart the cultural blindfolds covering the country from unholy pornographic infiltration from the West, after she willingly posed for a nude photo shoot in public–a lake, of all places. They called it “art”.

大理的裸体拍摄离艺术创作不只隔着一套内衣? - 姬鹏 - 姬鹏

The woman and her photographer defied Chinese government’s strict censorship on pornography by this adventure which has aroused criticisms all over the country since the pictures surfaced online.

Google, FaceBook, and Twitter are few of the popular networks freely accessible in many countries, except China–but this small body art ‘beauty’ has dared the authorities.

Government’s censorship in the media has been embraced as a part of Chinese culture, though that’s not to say the country is deep-rooted in morality more than any other.

That notwithstanding, a look at the sexy Chinese woman and her photographer, portraying nude body arts in a way that the country has never seen in centuries, has sparked wide debates.

Some argued, “If naked in Ang Lee’s film, it must be artistic. If naked in the Japanese AV film, it must be erotic. If less rich in nude photo, it must be a new love.” Where then does China stand in all the pretense?

The argument continues: “If Jade Xifeng naked in Ang Lee’s film, it must be performance art. If Jade Xifeng naked in the Japanese AV film, it must be speculation.

“If less rich in jade Xifeng naked picture, it must be according to PS.”

People who think nude art should be embraced in China, are making serious arguments in defense of what they believe is too much censorship and lack of freedom.

Some say nudity is acceptable as a form of art. Others agree “feminism” can’t exclude “sexual freedom”.

大理的裸体拍摄离艺术创作不只隔着一套内衣? - 姬鹏 - 姬鹏

While a few this is the 21st century, arguing that China should throw away every cultural vestige and preach freedom at its best, a selected few still think moral judgement should prevail.

Your comments are welcome.

Naked Restaurant Where Waitresses And Diners Enjoy More Than Food.

Model MicaelaSchaefer (R) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (L)

The newest trend in food business is fast taking company and clients businesses to a whole new level, offering more than just cash and food.

Every diner has something extra to share with the waitresses who are willing to reciprocate, with a ‘thank you for coming, hope to see you next time’.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

In this free pop-up restaurant, customers are free to undress and dine naked without any embarrassments.

Naked waitresses cheerfully welcome everyone; they serve you exotic meals with in the sexiest way one can ever dream of, making your eyes pop with amazement. No one ever gets arrested for eating at this newest food shop.

Model Micaela Schaefer (R) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (L) pose in a "Naked-restaurant

It’s all about sex and nudity. Of course, you’ll have to get an age pass to be entertained.

The new nude eaterie was launched in Berlin, Germany this week and brought with it, a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hot food ‘. While you can easily handle hot foods, it’s arguable that the waitresses make it impossible for one to control the internal  body heat that comes from those erotic sights all over the place–not just from the food.

Don’t think of visiting the shop if you usually have sweaty palms, you may not be able to handle forks.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Reports say meals were served free to naked customers – which is one reason why you should be naked while dining. You can’t have pockets on your body. Nobody does.

Even local celebrities were part of the launch which lasted one week only as part of the erotic ‘Venus’ festival in the city’s Black Cat restaurant.

German actress Micaela Schafer, 32, and Playboy model Sarah Joelle, 26, served the punters in scantily clad outfits. 

Restaurant guests Simone and Sven enjoy lunch at the "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Guests included local trader Sven, 42, and bookbinder Simone, 36 – who are both active in the swinging scenes according to local website Berliner Zeitung

They both enjoyed the free food – and the experience of getting naked.

Model Micaela Schaefer (L) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (R) pose

Sven said: “When something like this is offered (free) we obviously want to take part. We have no problem with nudity.”

If you’re a shy guest who wouldn’t want to get completely naked below, you will be offered drinks only–so far you take off everything at the top–male or female.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Restaurant chef and art collector Karl Kinsky, 37, said: “Nudity brings looseness. For me this is what makes art. And I support any form of art.”

Are We Hypnotized By The Kardasians?


The Kardasians are rich and famous, yikes.

On few occasions, I’ve sat down and watched some episodes from the surprisingly popular Keeping Up With The Kardasians (KUWTK) but after the time spent, I asked myself: “What information are the Kardasians passing across to the world?” Please answer me after reading if you know better.

I do know that KUWTK airs on the E! cable network; it is about the private and professional lives of the Kardasian-Jenner families; and the series debuted on 14th October, 2007.  Continue reading “Are We Hypnotized By The Kardasians?”