Masseuse Says She Bites Clients’ Bums, Claims Kanye West Loves It.

Dorothy Stein, simply known as Dr Dot, reveals that she bites her celebrity clients with a bizarre technique in the past 30 years. 

This celebrity massage therapist has become famous for her unusual technique which involves biting her clients’ bums as a vampire would.

Dr Dot

Funny enough, the clients love it this bum fetish and they’re splashing hard cash for the services. Dr Dots reveals Kanye West, Oasis and Gwen Stefani are on the list of her huge celebrity clients.

Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, we all have addictions but the truth is, some aren’t too bad or as harmful as a lot others. 

Dorothy Stein takes deep bites on people’s backs and bottoms as they lay on her massage bed.

Known as Dr Dot, the 48-year-old says she first used her unique skills on musician Frank Zappa to nab a ticket to his concert and meet her favorite rock stars backstage.

According to revelations from her, hitting the big stage with services to Frank Zappa has since increased awareness on her services. She now has as impressive roster of superstars – she has massaged and bitten – including Kanye West, the late David Bowie, Rihanna, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani, Eminem and Oasis.

Dr Dot from New Jersey confessed that these celebrities were all “massage virgins”.

She added that her first adventure into therapeutic biting started at the young age of five, with the encouragement she received from her “hippy” mother.

In her words: “She wanted me to massage her but my hands weren’t strong enough, so she just kept on saying ‘Bite me! Bite me!’

“So I’ve been doing this my whole life.”

What a mum, she had!

At the age of 15, Dr Dot gave her first backstage massage to rock band Def Leppard. She said: “I wanted to get into shows for free and meet the people who wrote the lyrics that were so close to my heart.

“It was a choice of either blow jobs or money or massage. So I chose massage.”

She claims a certain British music mogul is a big fan.

Dr Dot

In her words: “He loves a gentle bite massage”.

She added that, “other celebrities demand a more ‘sensual’ approach.”

In the hilarious revelation, Dr Dot says that one female rockstar demands that she squeeze and massage her nipples in a very sensual way: “Massage my tits, Dot!”

But added in her confession: “I’ve never bitten boobs though.”

The doctor is said to be a concert-freak as she has traded her services to see over 3,000 concerts for free.

Giving free massages helped build her reputation, and she now charges around $150 (£100) for a massage session – with no extra fee for biting. Amazing offer!

Dr Dot says she isn’t fazed by unpleasant odors or bodily responses.

Dr Dot
Image shows Dr Dot with Elena Pogosyan at her massage parlor in New Jersey.

“I’ve seen it all and smelt it all,” she explained.

Towards the end of her confessions, the wonderful doctor says she usually starts her sessions with biting – she describes it as the “appetizer to the full meal”.

She bites their backs and buttocks, before rubbing oil on their skin and moving on to a more traditional massage.

Currently writing a memoir of her experiences in the career spanning over 30 years, Dr Dot says she’s proud that the technique she pioneered is gaining ground.

Surprisingly, she now has an army of employees – 1,000 “Dot Bots” trained in bite massage who deploy their services all around the world.

Have you seen one of the Dot Bots around your location?

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