Former Miss World criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo for using Surrogate Moms

Cristiano Ronaldo has three kids, his arch-rival Lionel Messi also has three children — in fact, two of their sons share the same name Mateo, but a former Miss World thinks there’s a big difference.

There is an 869-day age difference between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Surprisingly, or rather coincidentally, their sons share the exact same age difference.

Thiago Messi was born exactly 869 days after Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, just like Messi was born 869 days after Cristiano Ronaldo Sr.

Alicia Machado says she’s literally pissed off with Ronaldo’s craze about getting his children from surrogate mothers instead of taking a wife like other famous footballers.

Image: Alicia Machado

Her opinion and feelings aren’t born of jealousy because she doesn’t even care to be that woman.

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However, she’s one of those outspoken people who think the Portuguese star’s bloated ego should be deflated without apologies.

Cristiano Ronaldo is used to being hated for everything he does. He has dated lots of pretty women, models, singers, and even proudly admitted to being a f***ing faggot.

No football legend will ever be like CR7, who seem to have it all. That’s the bitter truth.

Image: Cristiano Ronaldo


“I do not agree; I don’t believe in it [using surrogate mothers],” said Alicia. “That goes against my religious beliefs.”

She explained that there could be a situation where Ronaldo’s choice would have been understandable, but bemoaned the fact that most celebrities have bastardized this practice.

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“I agree with that kind of experimenting only when there is a need [like] a mom who maybe has a sister that lends her body,” she continued.

“It is beyond my ideals. What I disagree with is that it has become a trend among many celebrities. Those who have the money go and order children, and I don’t agree with that.

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“It’s different when you have a [medical] problem or even for gay people.

“Celebrities simply do it for style or tax evasion,” Alicia boldly claimed, adding that she has been a target of hate and criticisms for being a single mother.

“I’ve been discriminated against for being a single mother, and then you see these dudes who earn million-dollar salaries for running behind a ball, and suddenly it becomes a trend to order blonde hair [and] blue eyed kids. It’s freaky!”

The former Miss World concluded that she now understands that we all have to be politically correct at all times. She said it’s an acceptable fact that most things aren’t fair in life.

“Not everything is perfect, and not everything is normal,” she added, something every Ronaldo fan already knows by now.

Alicia Machado, 40, is a Venezuelan-American actress, singer and TV host. She was crowned Miss Venezuela in 1995, and Miss Universe in 1996.

She’s the fourth Venezuelan woman to be crowned Miss World.

Hillary Clinton made mention of the 40-year-old during her 2016 presidential campaigns, and the Alicia reciprocate with referring to Melania Trump as a “piggy.”

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The Real Madrid player is dating a 23-year-old Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez, who is heavily pregnant for him. She’s an exception among his numerous girlfriends, and will likely be the first publicized mother of the footballer’s child.

Everyone in Ronaldo’s family loves Georgina.

The lovebirds are really excited with the arrival of his newest bundles of joy, Mateo and Eva.

Cristiano Ronaldo Welcomes Newborn Twins.

Credits: @Cristiano/Twitter

Image shows C. Ronaldo and his first son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. holding Mateo and Eva.

The twins were born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, a town in Californian.

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      1. I’m laughing about this. That’s pure business between both parties although life is involved. Such transactions aren’t illegal unless one looks at it from their Biblical minds.

    1. It’s nothing new in the world. He has his rights to use on women and whatever he thinks. This shouldn’t worry anyone if it doesn’t matter to the women.