Famous actor Andy Hui admits cheating on wife Sammi Cheng

Andy Hui.jpg

Apart from apologising to his wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, as well as the general public after being caught cheating, it appears that Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui had apologised to his friends for his actions as well.

In April this year, a video of Andy getting intimate with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong in the backseat of a taxi was released to the public.

In the ensuing media storm, both Andy and Jacqueline apologized for their actions and has since flown to Los Angeles to escape the media scrutiny, while Andy has declared that he will take a break from his activities as a celebrity.

Sammi, as well as Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, have since announced that they have forgiven Andy and Jacqueline.

In a recent interview, Hong Kong singer-actor William So revealed that Andy had also apologised to him, as well as other members of The Big Four in the wake of his cheating scandal.

The Big Four is made up of Andy, William, as well as Hong Kong singer-actors Dicky Cheung and Edmond Leung. The group members have always been good friends and promoted as a boy band between 2009 and 2013.

William shared that he had asked after both Andy’s and Sammi’s well-being after the news of the cheating scandal first broke. While Sammi replied him swiftly, it seemed that Andy was not handling the news so well.

“An Zai (a nickname for Andy) is someone who needs a while to settle down; he later apologized to the Big Four,” William said.

William also shared that he had told Andy that there was nothing to apologise for, as William himself had caused trouble for the other members of The Big Four when he was caught using drugs in Taiwan. At that time, Andy had stood by him in his time of need.

As William has known Andy and Sammi for over 30 years, he shared that the news was ultimately harder to take for Sammi.

“But they have a strong belief (in their religion, Christianity), so they will be able to weather this storm,” he said.

Hailey Bieber: It’s hard to be a celebrity

Hailey Bieber feels she is under “pressure to keep up a perfect lifestyle”.

The 22-year-old model admits she struggles with anxiety as a result of the pressure to be perfect and keep up that “facade”.

She said: “I admire people coming forward and talking about anxiety. We all struggle with it.

“I think there’s been this stigma around it for so long. People look at celebrities who are famous or successful and think they have it all together. Like, they have such an insane career, or they make so much money, that they should be happy. But it’s really kind of the opposite.

“There was a time in the industry when it was negative to talk about that kind of stuff. Nobody wanted to talk about what was really happening, and everybody felt like there was this pressure to keep up a facade – or pressure to keep up this perfect lifestyle and make everything look really good from the outside. [Everyone would say,] ‘Oh, we’re really happy. I’m really happy. I’m doing fine,’ when really it was like you’re kind of crumbling on the inside.”

And Hailey – who is married to singer Justin Bieber – confesses there were many times where she lied and said she was OK even though she was crying.

She added to Glamour magazine: “People would ask me, ‘How are you?’ and I’d be like, ‘I’m fine; I’m good.’ But really I’d be crying in my hotel room all night. You just have to be honest that life sucks sometimes. It’s hard. Things are difficult. I just think the more we are open about it, the more we can help people find solutions …

“So many young men and women have their anxiety peak between 18 and 25, and then you place social media, work pressure, and school pressure on top of that, you know, it’s hard.”

Christina Aguilera calls on women to embrace the female body


Christina Aguilera has seen it all in relationships but says the disappointments aren’t enough to change what picture every woman should hold of her body.

Christiana Aguilera


Image: Christina Aguilera

Aguilera, 37, has been with her heartthrob Matthew Rutler since 2010 and now thinks it is nearly impossible to nurture a stable and healthy relationship with another celebrity.

One lesson from the “Dirrty” singer to every woman is: know your self-worth.

‘There are opportunities everywhere for women to misuse their bodies,’ she said, ‘but that is not my style…There must be something wrong with those who can’t stay with a man.’

She continued, ‘I mean, I’m not perfect. I’ve had my issues but can only date one guy [celebrity] at a time. And I need to stick to him.’

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Aguilera advised women to have some pride in their appearance, rather than striving to fit into some “impossible” pictures created by men.

Her “Dirrty” video aims at correcting some of the misconceptions held by women around the globe. She shares to kids Summer (4) and Max (10) with Matthew.


In Aguilera’s words, ‘The song Dirrty was extremely controversial at the time but it would be nothing now…

 ‘I hope I paved the way and helped set the ground rules that women can be any version of themselves they wanna be—and proud of it.’

Trendy fashion styles from Singaporean celebrities (Photos)


Tay Kewei


Ong Ai Leng


Henry Golding


Dawn Yeoh, Fiona Xie and Michelle Chia


Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan


Rebecca Lim


Michelle Chong


Joanne Peh


Jeanette Aw


Kate Pang and Andie Chen


Sora Ma


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Jade Seah

Source: Toggle

How Eminem nearly died from drugs, alcohol and over-eating

Drunk men.jpg

Famous American rapper Eminem has been sober for 10 years after a life of drugs and booze nearly sent him to an early grave.

The songwriter and record producer whose real names are Marshall Bruce Mathers III took to social media this weekend, telling the world how excited and lucky he feels to have made it a decade without touching drugs or alcohol.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

Call Eminem the King of Hip Hop and you won’t be mistaken. He is remarkable in the music industry for showing strength against his terrible childhood challenges and difficult rise to stardom.

Still the only artist to have eight albums consecutively debut at number one on the Billboard 200, Eminem was ranked 83rd on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, but he’s celebrating nothing more than sobriety today.

The ‘Lose Yourself’ hitmaker posted a picture of his sobriety coin on Twitter with the caption: “Celebrated my 10 years yesterday (sic)”

Eminem and Usher Raymonf.jpg

Image shows Eminem and Usher Raymond

Eminem, 45, has been very open about his fight with alcohol and drugs addiction. Talking about ditching the bottle and pills, the White America rapper revealed he found inspiration in his three children: Alaina (24), Hailie (22) and 16-year-old Whitney.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was diagnosed of methadone overdose in December 2007 and ended up in hospital. Initial treatments certified him OK but it wasn’t until a relapse a month later that he realized there was an urgent need to decide on life or death.

Eminem chose to face his demons and drop the bad habits.

In his words: “Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died because my organs were shutting down —  my liver, kidneys, everything. They were going to have to put me on dialysis…They didn’t think I was going to make it. It was a dead end.

“Within a month I had relapsed … and I was just walking around my house thinking every single day, I’m going to f**king die. I’m looking at my kids, and I need to be here for this.”

At the height of his addiction, the rapper’s weight increased to 230lbs. The change was attributed to his efforts in relieving stomach ache caused by the discomfort he felt from taking drugs such as Vicodin and Valium.

“In 2007, I overdosed on pills, and I went into the hospital,” he said, adding that he wasn’t quite sure why his weight ballooned to 230 pounds until a later time.

“…I’m not sure how I got so big, but I have ideas now…The coating on the Vicodin and the Valium I’d been taking for years leaves a hole in your stomach, so to avoid a stomachache, I was constantly eating — and eating badly.”

He left rehab but showed determination in tackling his problems by exercising. Then he found himself addicted to something else – running. Good addiction, right?

“When I got out of rehab, I needed to lose weight, but I also needed to figure out a way to function sober,” Eminem said. “Unless I was blitzed out of my mind, I had trouble sleeping. So, I started running.

“Exercising gave me a natural endorphin-high. It also helped me sleep. So, it was perfect and proved easy to understand how people replace addiction with exercise. One addiction for another but one that’s good for them. I got an addict’s brain, and when it came to running, I think I got a little carried away.”

2018 Star Awards: Full list of winners

The Star Awards (Chinese: 红星大奖) is an annual ceremony held by Mediacorp, a Singapore-based media organisation which recognizes entertainers under their payroll for outstanding performances throughout the year.

2018 Chinese Star Awards.jpg

Image shows famous actress Fan Bingbing In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

In comparison to other entertainment ceremonies in this category, the Star Awards also celebrates individual entertainers’s popularity. The outcomes depend on how much fans are willing to collectively spend through a voting system that elevates their popularity.

The inaugural Star Awards event was held in 1994 and in its first three years, MediaCorp handed out only 10 Most Popular Artistes awards (five for each gender) instead of the current 20 (10 for each gender).

Here’s a list of this year’s winners:

1. Young Talent Award: Isabel Yamada

2. Best Newcomer Award: Chantalle Ng

3. Best Theme Song: 以刚克刚 from When Duty Calls

4. Evergreen Award: Chen Shucheng

5. Best Supporting Actress: Kym Ng

6. Best Supporting Actor: Chen Hanwei

7. Best Variety Programme: Ah Ma Can Cook

8. Best Info-ed Programme: Little Maestros

9. Best Programme Host (Variety, Info-Ed & Infotainment): Quan Yifong

10. Best Actress: Rebecca Lim

11. Best Actor: Desmond Tan

12. Best Drama Serial: When Duty Calls

13. Special Achievement Award: Marcus Chin

14. Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:
Paige Chua
Rebecca Lim
Pan Ling Ling
Felicia Chin
Carrie Wong
Belinda Lee
Ya Hui
Kym Ng
Sheila Sim
Jin Yin Ji

15. Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes:
Dennis Chew
Romeo Tan
Dasmond Koh
Shaun Chen
Zheng Geping
Desmond Tan
Thomas Ong
Pierre Png
Guo Liang

16. Bioskin Most Charismatic Artiste Award: Elvin Ng

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Full list of Participants leaked

UK’s Celebrity Big Brother 2017 is here again, and a full list of participants has been leaked to calm your nerves until 1 August.

Although the Big Brother series was criticized for making changes to its original format in recent broadcasts — a reason for an all-time low ratings — every addicted viewer is sure going to have a memorable month. 

There will be a total of 16 housemates in the line-up, according to a leak from The Sun.

Rumors were rife that this year’s competition will be an all-star series featuring previous winners, but those speculations have been squashed although there’s still quality in the selection.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had celebs pull out at the last minute — whatever reasons they offered for playing with our minds don’t matter, anyways.

Top of the list for Celebrity Big Brother 2017 is Sarah Harding, who got several offers to play a part following her alleged romance with Danny Dyer.

An insider told The Sun: “Sarah is fully on board, but she doesn’t feel the courage within her.

“She loves her privacy so much, and has enjoyed a wonderful career out of the spotlight. Sarah just doesn’t want to give up her low-key presence for now.”

Meanwhile, Girls Aloud star Cheryl, who played roles with Sarah as band mates, told Closer Magazine that she feels insecure about what secrets her friend might reveal in the house.

“Cheryl isn’t very happy at the prospect of Sarah going on CBB,” a tipster told the news outlet. “She’s worried that Sarah can be a bit unpredictable at times and is concerned about what she might say about her.”

On Tuesday, Jemma Lucy and Sam Thompson (both Made In Chelsea stars) are expected to join ex-EastEnders star Shaun Williamson and Jordan Davies, an ex-lover to Megan McKenna, in Channel 5′s house.

Shaun played the role of Barry Evans on EastEnders for ten years, between 1994 to 2004.

Derek Acorah, popular for his role on Most Haunted, will also feature in the house competitions.

Helen Lederer and Sandi Bogle of Gogglebox were also among the favorites.

Among the first-timers are Trisha Paytas, a YouTube personality-cum-singer, and Paul Danan, who played a role in Love Islands (2005).

Rosanna Davison, who was crowned Miss World in 2003, and Amelia Lily, a former X-Factor contestant will also get to compete against Celebrity Big Brother veterans from The Real Housewives, Dawn Ward and Brandi Glanville, who recently persuaded her husband to pay a whooping £8000 so she could have a designer vagina surgery.

Chad Johnson (The Bachelorette) and Marissa Jade are among the big names, too.

Jemma Lucy

Image: Jemma Lucy

The atmosphere will be very tensed as viewers are expected to make a choice between Love Islands and CBB — not even with Jemma Lucy promising explosive sex sessions with both boys and girls. The beauty says she loves it with both sexes.

“I’m very open about being bisexual,” Lucy said.

Oops! Paris Hilton was included,” too.

More celebrity pictures you missed this week (5-10 February, 2017)

<p>The actress claims she wasn’t ready for this photo, but she looks fine to us: “When my phone decides to take a picture and you’re just not camera ready.” (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQOOzlOFrgo/">Instagram</a>) </p>

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The actress claims she wasn’t ready for this photo, but she definitely looks gorgeous in it. us.

Her Instagram caption for the picture reads: “When my phone decides to take a picture and you’re just not camera ready.” (Photo: Instagram)

<p>The supermodel was simply beaming after her hubby, Tom Brady, won his fifth Super Bowl. “Wonderful things come to those who work hard with focus, tireless dedication and who never stop believing. Forever grateful for this moment,” she wrote. “Congratulations my love!!#neverstopbeliving #lovemovesmountains #dedication #family #thankyouGod.” (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQLRA8wjXBg/?taken-by=gisele">Instagram</a>) </p>

Gisele Bündchen

The supermodel was simply beaming after her hubby, Tom Brady, won his fifth Super Bowl. “Wonderful things come to those who work hard with focus, tireless dedication and who never stop believing. Forever grateful for this moment,” she wrote.

“Congratulations my love!!#neverstopbeliving #lovemovesmountains #dedication #family #thankyouGod.” (Photo: Instagram)

<p>Kourt’s Super Bowl plans included hanging out with her furry friend, Sean “Diddy” Combs, who’s recovering from knee surgery. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQKQSJMFBvY/?taken-by=kourtneykardash">Instagram</a>) </p>

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourt’s Super Bowl plans included hanging out with her furry friend, Sean “Diddy” Combs, who’s recovering from knee surgery. (Photo: Instagram)

<p>The model beamed with pride at boyfriend Danny Amendola on the football field after he and his New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51. “When your man turns the entire #Superbowl around….. #PROUD … what a game,” she gushed. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQKQXx8Arbl/?hl=en">Instagram</a>) </p>

Olivia Culpo

The model beamed with pride at boyfriend Danny Amendola on the football field after he and his New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51.

“When your man turns the entire #Superbowl around….. #PROUD … what a game,” she gushed. (Photo:Instagram)

<p>Looks like the CNN host had good company for the big game as he snuggled with Andy Cohen’s dog, Wacha. “All during the Superbowl @therealwacha was whispering secrets in my ear. photo by his human @bravoandy,” he captioned the sweet shot. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQOBNEFAQ9z/">Instagram</a>) </p>

Anderson Cooper

Looks like the CNN host had good company for the big game as he snuggled with Andy Cohen’s dog, Wacha.

“All during the Superbowl @therealwacha was whispering secrets in my ear. photo by his human @bravoandy,” he captioned the sweet shot. (Photo: Instagram)

<p>Who couldn’t have a “Happy Monday” after looking at this adorable photo of 1-month-old Jameson Hart? (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQLa36cFfxX/?taken-by=pink">Instagram) =pink”>Instagram) </a></p>


Who couldn’t have a “Happy Monday” after looking at this adorable photo of 1-month-old Jameson Hart? (Photo: Instagram) =pink”>Instagram)

<p>The supermodel enjoyed “Super Bowl Sunday” from the comfort of her own bed, with pizza no less. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQJx7OSACGg/">Instagram</a>) </p>

Heidi Klum

The supermodel enjoyed “Super Bowl Sunday” from the comfort of her own bed, with pizza no less. (Photo: Instagram)

<p>“Nothing but laughs and good times with my brother @cedtheentertainer ….. #SuperBowlFun #livelovelaugh,” the comedian wrote alongside a photo from his Super Bowl bash. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BQJ37EAF7Te/?taken-by=kevinhart4real&hl=en">Instagram</a>) </p>

Kevin Hart

“Nothing but laughs and good times with my brother @cedtheentertainer ….. #SuperBowlFun #livelovelaugh,” the comedian wrote alongside a photo from his Super Bowl bash. (Photo: Instagram)

Celebrity Fashion: Newest Trends from Hollywood Stars


Kendall Jenner celebrates her 21st birthday in style. She was seen at Catch in L.A. where she hosted friends to a party 2 November.


Gigi Hadid


Emma Watson


Carrie Underwood


Julianne Hough


Lea Michelle


Emma Roberts


Kourtney Kardashian


Katy Perry


Bella Hadid


Lea Michelle


Vanessa Hudgens


Kristen Stewart


Nina Dobrev


Victoria Justice


Gigi Hadid


Dakota Fanning


Heidi Klum


Jennifer Lawrence


Khloe Kardashian


Michelle And Barack Obama.

Halloween 2016: Amazing Celebrity Costumes

<p>The mom of three broke out a Disney witch-inspired costume for a bash at her place with her friends and all of their kids. "Evil" is how Kardashian described it. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BL_6fAqFMPi/?taken-by=kourtneykardash&hl=en">Instagram)</a> </p>

Kourtney Kardashian – Evil

<p>The diva was red hot in a sexy devil costume at <a rel="nofollow" href=" https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/mariah-carey-dresses-sexy-devil-210000209.html ">her annual Halloween party,</a> but she didn’t change up her look too much. As always, Carey had plenty of cleavage on display. (Photo: FilmMagic/FilmMagic) </p>

Mariah Carey – Sexy Devil

<p>Talk about friendly exes! Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon — dressed as Luigi from Super Mario Brothers — spent the night with their cute kids, Monroe and Moroccan. (Photo: FilmMagic/FilmMagic) </p>

Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon

<p>The cowboy ensemble the actor sported at the Hilarity for Charity bash was familiar to movie lovers, since Scott's dad Clint Eastwood wore essentially the same thing while starring in classic westerns, such as <i>For a Few Dollars More</i> and <i>The Good, the Bad and the Ugly</i>, in the '60s. (Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images) </p>

Scott Eastwood – Cowboy

<p>The trio of actresses got all dolled up days before Halloween to toast Grimes's birthday. "A blonde, a brunette, and a gypsy walk into a bar … #happybirthdayshenae," Tisdale joked in the caption. Think the birthday girl was supposed to be Morticia Addams? (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instagram.com/p/BL7XkCagQBp/?hl=en">Instagram)</a> </p>

Ashley Tisdale, Shenae Grimes-Beech, and Vanessa Hudgens – A blonde, a brunette, and a gypsy walk into a bar

<p>At <i>Maxim</i>'s Halloween party, Tran almost ran into ex Chris Brown while wearing a barely-there ensemble inspired by Pocahontas. Fortunately, the two reportedly did not cross paths at the party with thousands of guests. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic) </p>

Karrueche Tran – Sexy

<p>The actor and his wife, Lauren Miller, made for an adorable Mario and Luigi — better known as the Super Mario Brothers — at <a rel="nofollow" href=" https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/celebs-get-into-the-halloween-spirit-to-raise-funds-for-seth-rogens-hilarity-for-charity-183548618.html">a Halloween-themed event</a> to raise money for their Hilarity for Charity organization. (Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage) </p>

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller – Super Mario Brothers

<p>Jennifer Lopez was a no-show, but her ex-boyfriend was ready to party at the <i>Maxim</i> fiesta in a mariachi costume. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic) </p>

Casper Smart – Jeniffer Lopez’s ex

<p>The designer and her friends went as pastel circus performers — otherwise known as not-so-creepy clowns — in getups sweet enough for her latest clothing collection. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href=" https://www.instagram.com/p/BLwCCsEjS5c/?taken-by=laurenconrad_com">Instagram)</a> </p>

Lauren Conrad and friends

<p>The couple brought their reality romance and their costumes — he was a dragon and she was a unicorn — to the <i>Maxim</i> fete. “Costumes made by me,” O'Day revealed on Instagram. (Photo: <a rel="nofollow" href=" https://www.instagram.com/p/BL6xzEVhyjO/?taken-by=aubreyoday&hl=en ">Instagram)</a> </p>

DJ Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day

<p>Can you guess what the <i>Sharknado</i> actress is supposed to be in what has to be one of <a rel="nofollow" href=" https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/tara-reid-wears-super-skimpy-191400890.html">the tiniest costumes ever?</a> We couldn't either, but thankfully, Reid explained on social media that she dressed as a Greek goddess. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic) </p>

Tara Reid – Sexiest Devil

Celebrity Fashion: MTV VMAs Red Carpet.

<p>Just days after rocking Rio, the Final Five (minus one, Gabby Douglas was hospitalized over the weekend — don’t worry, she’s OK) walked the red carpet together in dresses. Ditching their leotards and patriotic makeup, the crew looked amazing in sparkly ensembles. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

The Final 5 Athletes From Rio, Minus 1. Remember Them?

<p>Beyonce, who confirmed at the last minute that she’s performing, chose a look from Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2016 couture collection covered in sequins and featuring feather wings. She brought along daughter Blue Ivy, wearing a shiny top and massive tutu skirt with pink sneakers and hair extensions, as her date and both looked like fairies from a far off fashionable land. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

<p>Kim Kardashian just couldn’t decide what to wear so she asked her Twitter followers to help. She asked 47.6 million fans whether she should go with a “casual chill look” or a “dressy sexy look” and 52 percent voted for the latter. With that, the reality star selected a cotton mini dress with ruching detail in the front and one shoulder purposefully pulled down. She wore lace-up heels and styled her hair in a fresh-out-of-the-shower kind of way. (<i>Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Kim Kardashian

<p>Before her big performance, Britney Spears walked the white carpet in a one-shoulder black dress featuring a sheer diagonal stripe across her chest. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Britney Spears

<p>Ariana Grande’s Alexander Wang outfit — a lace crop top, wide-leg pants, choker, and high ponytail — seems like it could’ve come straight from the ‘90s. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Ariana Grande

<p>Nicki Minaj’s curve hugging gown featured every element a sexy dress requires: cutouts, sheer, and super-clingy material. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Nicki Minaj

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Kanye West

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Jaden Smith

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> </p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> </p>

Jasmine Tookes

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Dascha Polanco


<p><b>Amber Rose revealing her bra in a black suit </b></p><p>Amber Rose was totally business in a black suit — and then decided to sex it up by wearing just a lace bra underneath. She also added some reflective sunglasses to fend off the sun (well, and shade). <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Amber Rose

<p>DJ Khaled, whose album <a href="https://www.yahoo.com/katiecouric/major-key-alert-dj-khaled-talks-his-latest-album-snapchat-and-beyonce-191223451.html"><i>Major Key</i></a> is a, well, major hit, hosted the pre-show wearing a navy blue giraffe print suit. While special because of its flair, it has an even greater significance considering Tony Robbins, businessman and famous informercial personality, set the performer up with his tailor who custom made it. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

DJ Khaled

<p>The most popular style on red carpets recently has been rocking a white train — Katy Perry, Solange Knowles, Lady Gaga, and more — and Holland Roden hopped on the train by wearing one with a jumpsuit. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Holland Roden

<p>The former boy bander made a political statement in addition to a fashionable one by wearing a blue satin bomber with the word “Love Trumps Hate” on the back. He also had on a bondage-inspired tie. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Lance Bass

<p>Did Farrah Abraham get the date wrong? The <i>Teen Mom </i>star walked the white carpet in a Wonder Woman costume and silver sequin booties. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Farrah Abraham

<p>The <i>Teen Mom </i>star, who recently announced she’s expecting her third child, walked the red carpet in a nude chiffon gown with an empire waist cradling her stomach. She also displayed some PDA with boyfriend David Eason. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Janelle Evans hugging her unborn with boyfriend David Eason.

<p>The most iconic moments in MTV VMAs history just came back courtesy of the cast of <i>Ru Paul’s Drag Race. (Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Ru Paul’s Drag Race team.

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> <br /></p>

Sasheer Zamata

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Heidi Klum

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

2 Chainz

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Nick Jonas

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Bebe Rexha

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Baddie Winkle

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Taylor Hill

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Nick Cannon

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Puff Daddy

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> </p>

Naomi Campbell

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Alessia Cara

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Rita Ora

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> <br /></p>

Tove Lo

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>


<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Shelley Henig

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Stella Maxwell

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Jay Pharaoh

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Shameik Moore

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Joan Smalls

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

Jenni Farley

<p><i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i><br /></p>

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<p>Ashley Graham, who appeared in DNCE’s music video and accompanied the band on the white carpet, showed off a new choppy lob with a sheer metallic dress covered in sequins. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i></p>

Ashley Graham

<p>There are plenty of ways to display your baby bump on the red carpet but Laura Perlango, Ned Schulman’s fiancé as of this May, might just have put her growing stomach on display in the most unique way possible. Wearing just an open jacket — no shirt or bra — she accessorized with a cross body chain. <i>(Photo: Getty Images)</i> </p>

Nev Schulman and fiance Laura Perlango.

Hong Kong Celebrity Cecilia Cheung Takes Legal Action Against Rumor Mongers.

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung made headlines today after she took legal actions against rumor mongers who claim she squandered her own share from ex-husband’s divorce settlement five years ago.

She was married to a popular celebrity actor-singer Nicholas Tse.

Cecilia Cheung Cheated $32 million? Nicholas Tse Denies Poor Relationship with Son

Image shows Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung.

According to Toggle, Cecilia is suing the Hong Kong media for slander, after the 36-year-old was rumored to have wasted her ex-husband’s family fortune.
Her lawsuit claims that the reported NT$500 million (approximately S$21.2 million) which she’s accused of mismanaging, was used in the upkeep of the couple’s two sons–Lucas, 8, and Quintus, 6.
The media says she used the kids as her bargaining chip to get Nicholas into releasing a bigger part of their shared assets to her–a demand which the ex-husband reportedly rejected.
Image: Cecilia Cheung

Some tabloids reported yesterday that the actress told some of her close pals at the airport that she regretted squandering Nicholas’s wealth, adding that she wants to focus on her career now, having depended on the ex-husband’s wealth for over 5 years.

The confession may have been made to her trusted friends but even the walls have ears. She has however, fired back at rumor mongers after her disclosed secret surfaced online.

Cecilia accused the media of slander and has since consulted her lawyer for legal actions. She posted a message on her lawyer’s Weibo account this morning, and uploaded a picture of their official letter against the rumor-mongers.
The actress pleaded with the general public to ignore those reports and see them as unfounded rumors. As the letter shows, Cecilia claims the negative reports have tarnished her image, ordering the news website to take down the article, issue an official apology to her, and offset all attorney fees incurred.

Image shows Cecilia’s leaked picture taken with Edison Chen.

Before the couple divorced in 2011, Cecilia was accused of cheating on her husband with Edison Chen. She’s alleged to have had one too many affairs, and would not retrace her steps even after warnings from Nich.

JayneStars wrote: Nic’s divorce decision was not solely instigated by Cecilia’s friendly photo collaboration with ex-flame, Edison Chen (陳冠希), in May. He could no longer withstand her rash personality and her “threats” in their marriage.

Image: Cecilia Cheung

Since the incident with Edison, Nic felt that Cecilia did not consider his feelings and was deeply angered. He refused to celebrate Cecilia’s birthday with her and did not return her phone calls and text messages. This did not make Cecilia reflect on her actions but rather incited her to ask her lawyer to send a letter asking for divorce.

She sent threatening text messages that she will commit suicide as well.

Cecilia Cheung’s picture that exposed her secret affair and broke her marriage.

Cheung has been romantically linked to Hong Kong male singers such as Daniel Chan and Jordan Chan. She then dated Nicholas Tse in early 2002, but split with him late that year when he returned to his ex-girlfriend, singer Faye Wong.

In early 2003, rumors surfaced that the actress and Edison Chen were in a secret love affair, a rumor which both vehemently denied but not until nude pictures of both Edison and Cecilia got leaked online.

Image shows Cecilia Cheung and her two kids.

About three years later, Cheung and Tse were first reported to have reconciled in early 2006 and on 31 July 2006, Tse officially admitted to dating Cheung in an interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong 881/903.

In September 2006, Tse showed off his wedding ring at the Hong Kong International Airport, announcing that he and Cheung had been married in a secret wedding ceremony in the Philippines.

Secilia Cheung’s parents divorced when she was little after which she was sent to Australia for studies. She graduated from RMIT Holmes College.

Masseuse Says She Bites Clients’ Bums, Claims Kanye West Loves It.

Dorothy Stein, simply known as Dr Dot, reveals that she bites her celebrity clients with a bizarre technique in the past 30 years. 

This celebrity massage therapist has become famous for her unusual technique which involves biting her clients’ bums as a vampire would.

Dr Dot

Funny enough, the clients love it this bum fetish and they’re splashing hard cash for the services. Dr Dots reveals Kanye West, Oasis and Gwen Stefani are on the list of her huge celebrity clients.

Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, we all have addictions but the truth is, some aren’t too bad or as harmful as a lot others.  Continue reading “Masseuse Says She Bites Clients’ Bums, Claims Kanye West Loves It.”

Best Celebrity Camel Toes.

The camel toe trend has been here over the years and it keeps getting lots of fancy from celebrities and photographers, as well as the viewing public. It’s no longer an act of carelessness but an intentional flashing of nudes.

Have a look at these top celebrities going crazy with the trend worldwide, even on the red carpet.

Bella Hadid took it to the next level at this year’s Film Festival in Cannes.





































This was how Bella Hadid wrapped it up on her first day in Cannes. Is this an acceptable fashion style to you?

Bella Hadid Is More Than A Supermodel.

Supermodel Bella Hadid is on cloud 9 not only for her pumpkin, The Weeknd, but for reaching a record eight high-fashion magazine cover pages which qualifies her as a modeling icon.

Image Source: Elle magazine.

She was crowned Daily Front Row’s Model of the Year in March. Fast forward to May, Bella Hadid has proven that the previous awards wasn’t earned by favor but merit.

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