Sergio Ramos explains why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t celebrate his hat-trick against Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has revealed Cristiano Ronaldo’s reason for not celebrating his third goal against Atletico Madrid as the Spanish teams clashed in their Champions League semifinal game last Tuesday.

Ronaldo’s goal celebrations are known to be superb, egoistic, theatrical and sometimes, surprising. No reaction from such a prolific striker can ever be too much, and going overboard with celebrations is a part of this amazing game.

Bleacher Report justified CR7’s anger, emotions and pride on the pitch, describing it as “a natural occurrence.”

…But when you score as many times as Cristiano Ronaldo does, a bit of each is a natural occurrence along the way.

The Real Madrid star left us in awe when he stopped short of celebrating his hat-trick against city rivals Atletico Madrid in their first leg encounter. He scored with a powerful at close range, added another goal with a flick and dashed the visitors’ hope when he added a third goal with a neat tap.

In 2013, the 32-year-old scored a winning goal against Manchester United, his former club. His return with Real Madrid to Old Trafford was greeted with respect and love, Ronaldo had no plan to humiliate a club and people who he considered a family.

The Real Madrid player shares a bond with United, and scoring against The Red Devils sparked mixed emotions within CR7. He put up a poker face as emotions spiraled out control.

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“I’m happy to win but also sad for Manchester United,” he told reporters after stealing victory from United.

“I didn’t celebrate the goal but I was happy inside.

“I have a lot of respect for the support that the fans gave me in my six years in Manchester. The most important thing was to win and we are very happy.

“I’ve done my job, which was to help Real Madrid win and go through to the quarters. I scored at the Bernabeu and I’ve done it again here.” 

During the teams’ last Champions League semifinal (first leg) match in Santiago Bernabeu last Tuesday, Ronaldo once again failed to celebrate his hat-trick for a reason.

Although the Portuguese player kept mum about his reaction, the press spoke with Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on the strange behavior from someone who goes haywire with pride whenever he finds the net.

The Portugal international footballer was angry because UEFA forced him to undergo a random drug before the match against Atletico Madrid ended, Sergio Ramos.

Real Madrid captain said Ronaldo was asked to give a urine sample while his friends celebrated their chances of playing in next month’s UEFA Champions League final match in Cardiff, Wales.

Although the famous No. 7 didn’t hesitate when that surprise request came from an official, he protested on the pitch by refusing his teammates in celebration.

This isn’t the winger’s first protest against UEFA officials. In 2015, he was picked for a random test during Madrid’s Champions League draw with Paris Saint-Germain.

Ronaldo was heard saying “always me” as he walked towards the drug testers just moments before that match ended.

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