Victoria Beckham: “I Found New Love”

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I THINK I speak for most UK women when I say to Victoria Beckham: “Thank you. From the bottom of my feet.”

The queen of high heels has swapped her sky-high stilettos for feel-good flats and admits: “I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working . . . clothes have to be simple and comfortable.”

Hurrah! If you can’t bear to wear those high heels anymore, Posh, neither can they.

For decades you have made woman-kind feel foot-inadequate. While their big toes were burning in kitten heels, you were skipping around in six inchers with the same confidence some have in a pair of bed socks.

There was that time you tottered in towering Louboutins while clutching newborn baby Harper.

And another when you managed to defy the laws of physics by not sinking into the soil as you stood on the sidelines of the football pitch. Not once did you show one sign of pain on your face, making women think their size fives must have far more pesky nerve endings in them than yours.

Even in a TV interview once you joked about how devastated you were after being pulled over by the police because you were wearing flats at the time. What the what?

You were a machine. I admired and resented you.

After an hour teetering in height- altering shoes, some women would want to rip them off, douse them in petrol and throw a lit match at them.

But now the truth is out.

You’re not some “fashion over function” robot.

Just like the rest of them women, you prefer to slip on a pair of comfy Stan Smiths rather than stuff your hoofs in heels.

So don’t feel dull or outdated when you reach for those trusty, comfy pumps, ladies.

The international star, top fashion designer and woman who bagged David Beckham is doing it. So should you.

NOW we know it’s OK to ditch the heels – thanks again, Victoria – what do we replace them with?

Here are our SUPER SIX tips on making the most of the hugely popular “athleisure” look, which means your humble trainers are just the job for the office.

Here are six tips on wearing trainers, and six of our High Street faves that should be worn when running.

The best trainers for work are the ones that are made to simply look casual and cool.

White and silver, £45, Nike

Whites, blacks, pale pinks or navys will work well and blend with your working wardrobe.

A bold leopard print sneaker is not going to hit the spot.

Black plimsolls, £20,

Pink, £24, River Island

White, £67, Adidas Stan Smiths

Only suitable for the commute.Blue, £26, Topshop

Stay comfy all day and enjoy your pain-free evenings.

Grey, £55, Gola

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