Allan Wu reveals his kids rejected new love Yvonne Lee

Allan Wu lost quite a large number of supporters after calling it quits with a former Mediacorp actress Wong Li Ling in 2013 but the charming actor admits his greatest worry with newfound love Yvonne Lee is the uphill task of fitting in with his children.

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Image: Allan and Wong

Barely five years after the messy celebrity divorce, Allan found sweet love in Yvonne, a popular Malaysian beauty queen. The Singapore-based actor enjoyed her company during his 45th birthday celebrations earlier this month, and the memories were captured in some Instagram posts for their numerous fans.

In his first public outing with a female acquaintance since leaving Wong, the Chinese-American actor revealed his son and daughter felt bitter seeing him in another woman’s arms.

Speaking at the launch of Toggle‘s upcoming series Cover Your Eyes, the California-born actor shared his views on the worst-case scenario his lady-love would most likely encounter if they eventually choose to walk down the aisle.

His words: “In truth, my children were shocked and a little upset when they first learned of my new love but with time, the relationship has become cordial since they showed commitment in learning about her…They share better understanding now.

“I don’t intentionally create chances for them to meet as Yvonne stays in Kuala Lumpur. However, from my perspective, they seem to think she has a great personality and is easy to get along with,” Allan added.

“My daughter tends to be more vocal about her opinions. As for my son Jonas, well, he’s like any other boy. Give him video games to play and he will not have an opinion about anything.”


Allan failed to give a clue on their marriage plans but stressed that tying the knot a second time is a possibility. “Nothing is set in stone,” he said, adding that he and Yvonne have discussed the topic before.

“We will consult with our two children and hear them out before making decisions on marriage,” he said. “I believe they will give their well-wishes.”

He continued, “Right now, Yvonne and I are just cherishing each moment we have and making happy memories…I’m open to having more children, but it’s a lot to think about now that my kids are older. It takes a lot of time and money to raise kids, and it got me wondering if I really want to do it all over again.”

Allan and Wong made headlines in different online forums and social networking websites when rumors of his infidelity spread like wildfire in 2013, leading to a breakdown of the celebrity marriage. The entertainment couple share two children; Sage (14-year-old daughter) and Jonas Wu (12-year-old son).

Despite widespread claims that Allan’s marriage crashed after he was caught flirting with an unnamed female at a Japanese restaurant located in a 6-star hotel, other sources cited his ex-wife’s controlling nature as the reason.

“The divorce became necessary when he [Allan] could no longer tolerate his wife’s bossiness…Wong’s controlling manner most likely stems from the fact that she is jealous about her husband’s success in the entertainment industry,” a source told Yahoo! News at that time. Both entertainment icons did not offer explanations in the media.

Wong has been described as a good actress while Allan is a former model, actor, host and VJ who currently hosts “The Amazing Race.”

Image: Yvonne Lee

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