Funniest Presidential Handshake Ever

History has a lot to say about the USA and USSR in the cold war era but, although many years have passed since then, it seems there'll always be suspicions and more on both sides. Presidents of countries should be 'friends' and they are, therefore, expected to wear smiles on their faces wherever they meet … Continue reading Funniest Presidential Handshake Ever

Obama’s Memorable Handshake with Kendall Jenner

It was a memorable event for Kendall Jenner who was blessed to come face to face with the U.S. President Obama at the 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner. The ceremony was held at the Washington Hilton on Saturday (April 30) in Washington, D.C. The 20-year-old model reportedly shook hands with the president and was amazed at the rarest … Continue reading Obama’s Memorable Handshake with Kendall Jenner