Funniest Presidential Handshake Ever.

History has a lot to say about the USA and USSR in the cold war era but, although many years have passed since then, it seems there’ll always be suspicions and more on both sides.

Presidents of countries should be ‘friends’ and they are, therefore, expected to wear smiles on their faces wherever they meet – dinner, red carpet or meetings.

Leaders are always expected to lead exemplary lives by giving warm embraces or friendly handshakes as any show of disrespect could be wrongly interpreted by citizens with catastrophic consequences- Obama and Putin may have different ideas about what peace, respect and friendship means.

Frosty ... Barack Obama attempts to shake hands with Vladimir Putin

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both attended a bilateral meeting at the UN General Assembly in Moscow, September 2015.

As seen in the picture, Obama stretches his hand but Putin stares at it, holds back his own while he thinks about it as if there’s an ‘invisible’ set of teeth.

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