Viral Video (18+): Miss Anambra 2015 (Part I and II)

Chidinma Okeke, the former Miss Anambra 2015, has been a viral hit since her lesbian sex video surfaced online. Notwithstanding the sex scandal that followed, she has been recognised for an Award of Excellence as Queen of Gold.

The Divas Award was purposefully held to honor Chidinma in the face of a nerve-breaking scandal that could destroy her life and career.

Watch The Video Here:

Managers of the event said her latest award was “for the display of mental strength in the face of a national embarrassment that have technically scalded her for life”.

While Chidinma is said to be hiding for her safety amid reports of a possible assasination threat, the social event is scheduled for 18 Dec, 2016, at the Kolanut Center in Calabar, Cross River State.

 The Award of Excellence has been described as a damage control measure, and something given for her resilience.