Liu Yan: The Most Hated Sexy Chinese Actress.


Liu Yan is a popular Chinese actress born on October 8, 1980 in Hengyang, Hunan, China. She is known for her roles in Badges of Fury (2013), Mural (2011) and An Inspector Calls (2015). The actress is mostly called Ada Liu by friends and family.

Liu is a hostess and singer besides acting. She won the “Best New Artist” at the 2nd Top Chinese Music Awards; the “Best Promising Host” at the 3rd Zongyi Award, in 2010; and is the Most Influencing Host of China. She is on the list of the 10 Greatest hosts in Television.

Just as she earned herself many admirers for her beauty and career achievements, Liu is arguably the most hated Chinese actress. Most women and girls loath to see her on TV, in most cases, without reasons – maybe because she’s just damn pretty or for flaunting her wares without apologies to womanhood.


What people are saying about her:

Liu Yan
When are you giving a sincere apology.
I was serious……

1. Because you are so sexy! !
Attracting countless man’s eyes. There’s always trouble  at weddings because you are the host. Bridesmaids fear when you anchor their event because you’ve been a sexy image with deep roots, which leads to uproar. You got a night-stand and made the headlines, but also a bunch of male stars got into disrepute with your love or lust medicine, most of them who are fantasizing about you are still dreaming until this day, did you ever think about their feelings?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

柳岩,请道歉 - 石灰熊 - 石灰熊的快乐馆 

2 You look good on nothing, still so intellectual! !
You are always interested in taking part in public events even when the hosts don’t want you. Most organizers only accept you as long as you can play the fool, but why do not you listen? Why must you prove your abilities to them? Although by virtue you are an intellectual, and have become the rising star of light, you also have become one of the country’s most popular female anchor personality, but don’t you have to attend events when you are desired or respected?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

3 You’re in the entertainment business, but also so straightforward! !
Why do you oppose shady variety show? For unfairness, it is understood. Why do you have to say negative things about the bad eggs in the industry on the TV program, although an artist is to cherish their feathers. You are so outspoken, and this is f***ing worrying.
Liu Yan, please apologize

柳岩,请道歉 - 石灰熊 - 石灰熊的快乐馆柳岩,请道歉 - 石灰熊 - 石灰熊的快乐馆
4 You are so beautiful, why not get married! !
Many female stars have found their home, why don’t you get married? Not bad enough to get married, why not have a boyfriend? Want your parents to worry about when you will bring home Mr. Right?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

5 You f*** so badly, why thank you black man?! !
Faced with a variety of “black men teasing you,” you actually calmed as a spectator. When you said, “I do not blame people who abuse me, because that is their freedom, no one has the obligation to take the time to understand the real me.”  You actually have to thank the black people. Silently with time and persistence the rumors will be crushed but for now, the black guys must be relishing their dish in arrogance.
Liu Yan, please apologize.

6 You have an angel face and devil’s body, actually also your emotional intelligence is so high! !
Not to say that God is fair right? Open a window for a person at the same time, shut a door? You also have an angel face and devil’s body, but why is your emotional intelligence so high? God let you feel then?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

7 You  are comfortable enough, goddess, why are you so concerned about charity and public welfare! !
You get the “filial piety ambassador”, “Mother Water Cellar” Ambassadors and many other titles, and you have maintained a good public image, we don’t need to focus on it? Do you think beauty of the goddess is what the poor should eat? Why can’t you even live a normal life? Why are you also less willing to reach out and help people in need?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

8 You have have achieved success but still need no help! !
You actually said that work is your pleasure, you all are the Jack of all trades. Often in highly busy schedule, working late hours, already gained over 20 million fans, why make yourself a workaholic. You don’t have a little time of your own time and even no breathing space. At what age will you enjoy your life and especially love?
Liu Yan, please apologize.

柳岩,请道歉 - 石灰熊 - 石灰熊的快乐馆
9 You look like a fairy, still so down to earth! !
In the movie “You look good to eat”, you turned to a beauty cook, taught children on live TV how to cut watermelon. You also fried peppers to make a “good family” appetizer. Your total disregard for you own public image as a goddess is too bad. You big mouthed a d**k and swallowed c*m to break the internet. You look like a fairy tale doll designed in a surgery room, why don’t you make yourself a normal human being.
Therefore, Liu Yan, please apologize!

柳岩,请道歉 - 石灰熊 - 石灰熊的快乐馆