Problems of intent marketing and how to achieve brand marketing goals

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What are the challenges facing intent marketing?

Data quality

Inadequate quality data is a challenge that faces implementing intent marketing. In order to identify purchase signals, data collection must be performed flawlessly. It is recommended to work with an intent data provider in cases where data quality is an issue. 

Integrating existing data with intent data

For intent marketing, intent data should be combined with the existing lead scoring systems. Yet, higher numbers of data sources increase the complexity involved in organizing this data.

Time management

Using intent data wisely is another challenge. Companies may fail at optimizing their reach out strategy, such as bombarding prospect customers with ads or messages, or disappearing for a long period in a way that makes customers seek alternatives.  

How to implement intent-marketing?

A company establishes intent marketing by creating content about its products/services. Every click on these content features generates usable data for the intent marking strategy or campaigns.

To generate intent data sources and implement intent marketing, businesses can follow these best practices:

Competitor analysis:

  1. Research competitor websites and study the information they provide in comparison to your company.
  2. Search for online content which mentions competitors in order to highlight what you offers as an alternative to each competitor. 

Market analysis:

  1. Review listing websites (e.g. AIMultiple lists, G2, TrustRadius) to understand market landscape.
  2. Check review websites: Review websites may provide articles on the top performers in specific industries or about branded products or services. 

Content optimization:

  1. Make sure to mention your brand’s novel aspects, such as awards, exceeding revenue expectations, or unique products.
  2. Try to receive numerous reviews as more reviews bring higher leads than before. At the end of the article or webpage, you can ask the reader to rate your content, or ask questions to generate an open conversation.

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