True Story Behind P-Square Brothers At War


Image: Paul and Peter Okoye.

Things appear to be falling apart for Nigeria’s singing duo, P-square.

After 10 years of entertaining Nigeria and by extension, Africa, raking in millions of naira from shows within and outside the shores of Africa and tying down mouth-watering endorsement deals that put them in enviable position, there are fears among many observers in the music industry that Peter and Paul Okoye may finally break up.

Psquare’s fame is fast giving way, reports on their overall influence in the music industry claim.

Without any shadow of doubt, P-square have successfully put Nigerian music on the road map.

According to those who should know, Psquare opened the African music market for a number of Nigerian artistes who have also leveraged on Psquare’s success to build their own brands and make their marks. 

Many artistes now tour African countries registering their songs and sounds in the minds of listeners even in countries that were hitherto regarded as ‘dry lands’.

Away from all that, news coming out from the Square Ville, home of Psquare, is that the twin brothers and their elder brother, Jude Okoye, who doubles as their manager, are on war path over Peter’s claim that Jude, who has been their manager for more than 10 years, lacks managerial skills, hence his resolve to have him sacked.

R gathered that the Okoye’s family has been having a lot of issues since the demise of their mum, who died on July 12, 2012.

A source close to the family told R on Friday that there was much to the fight going on between the Psquare brothers than meet the eyes.

According to him, “I can only pray that things don’t get worse because they are really not getting things right and that’s why I believe their mum’s death remains a big blow to the family.”

Trouble started on Wednesday evening when Peter took to his twitter handle to express his anger and frustration over how poorly Jude has been managing Psquare, especially in the last four years.

He warned the public about doing any Psquare related business with him.

His tweets read in part “Psquare fans, I know you all have been asking questions concerning us. I don’t have a problem with Paul. My loyalty for Psquare and fans remain 100 per cent. An artiste employs a manager not the other way round. Psquare is Peter and Paul Okoye, every other thing is an attachment. Please whoever does business with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on Psquare’s behalf does so at their own risk.”

Hours after his tweets went viral, he came back to apologize for his actions.

But before Peter’s apology, the situation had gone out of hands with Jude asking Psquare’s fans to pray for Peter, whom according to him has gone through a lot lately.

Peter is said to be in London where he’s recovering from the illness that took him out of the country for weeks.

Though, Jude didn’t reveal what Peter had recently gone through, it might not be unconnected from Peter’s health issues that plagued him a few weeks ago.

While the heat was still on, Paul also went on his Instagram page to express his mind with a massage that suggested he was not in support of Peter’s decision to sack Jude.

According to him “This is where I belong and this is where I stand…….you do music in the studio, not on social media, you have family issues, you discuss that in closed doors, not on social media …..

Family is family, blood is blood …. If you don’t do family business, then who am I to you? He questioned.

None of the Psquare brothers was willing to comment further on the matter even as efforts were made to speak to them on Friday.