F**k You, I’m Millwall!

“F**k you, I’m Millwall!”

Those were the exact words from a courageous football fan who happened to be at the right place when a group of three terrorists attacked at London Bridge, Borough market, last Saturday.

The hero named Roy Larner summoned courage and fought like a Spartan against the knife-wielding jihadists.

Luckily, he cheated death despite getting eight stab wounds.

Image shows Roy Larner on his hospital bed after the attack.

Roy attacked the London terrorists with bare hands after gaining momentum from saying his “likely” last words, “F**k you, I’m Millwall!”

The die-hard football fan was all alone fighting to save lives while at the verge of losing his. That’s true patriotism, the kind of citizens every country needs to rid this world of some mental and religious dwarfs.

A report from The Sun confirmed Roy was at a bar sipping his beer and having a good time when the terrorists arrived with knives and screaming that they were doing it for Allah while cutting down some innocent lives.

He would have none of those threats even as the terrorists kept shouting, “This is for Allah!”

Standing between two worlds, Roy from Peckham chose to challenge a group of murderers he referred to as b*****ds.

“F**k you, I’m Millwall!” Roy responded, attracting attention from the jihadists who pounced on him with some deadly cuts, but unknowingly granting others a chance to escape.

He reportedly fought off the attackers, still screaming, while others ran to safety.

In the end, he sustained a total of eight deep cuts but was lucky to be alive.

“They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah,” Roy told the news outlet from his intensive care bed. “Then it was, ‘Islam, Islam, Islam.’

“Like an idiot I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the p*** out of these b******s.’

“I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall! So they started attacking me.”

Roy was reportedly in critical condition when he arrived St Thomas’ Hospital under emergency care. He underwent surgeries on his head, fingers and chest.

His mother described him as “quite nippy and lippy. He definitely wouldn’t back down from a fight…”

According to the Big Lead, Roy is now nicknamed “The Lion of London Bridge.” And there’s a petition on behalf of the people’s defender. He’s likely to be awarded the George Cross for bravery, the second highest honor the United Kingdom can confer on individuals.

He has moved out of ICU but needs up to a week in the hospital, the Roar confirmed.

Millwall is a professional football club in Bermondsey, South East London, England. They’re known as “The Lions,” and the fans are renowned for their chant, “No one likes us, we don’t care”.

Now we have good reasons to love Roy and care for this club which plays in England’s third and fourth tier leagues.

The club reached its first FA Cup final in 2004 and qualified for the UEFA Cup, playing in Europe for the first time in their history.

One Milwall F.C. fan named Paul O’Mara. fan named Paul O’Mara wrote on Twitter, Every millwall fan lets make sure Roy never has to buy a drink down the den again.”

@jezebeljayne Every millwall fan lets make sure Roy never has to buy a drink down the den again
“Always thought you Millwall supporters were f***ing mad, this just goes to prove it. Well done mate hope you stay up this season,” another well-wisher wrote.

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