Beautiful Teacher lost her job after posting “provocative” selfie on Social Media

A pretty female teacher who taught in one of UK’s secondary schools has lost her job after posting a controversial picture on social media.

Lydia Ferguson never expected her “careless” action would backfire on her career after posing for a selfie at the edge of a bed with legs wide shut.

The Sun’s story

Apparently ready for an adventure, the beautiful teacher wore a pair of black high-heeled shoes, a short white dress and a clutch bag. She looked dazzlingly beautiful — even for a homosexual, but her school would have none of those hot-babe looks.

She was handed a suspension and escorted out of the school premises in March after the picture circulated online.

Following the embarrassment, Lydia said she decided to quit her job.

However, according to a report from UK’s Mirror, her students at Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes, Bucks, are solidly behind their lovely teacher who they said, has committed no crime and can’t be called “immoral” for that selfie.

All affected students are protesting through the slogan, “Get Miss Ferguson Back”.

“There is nothing wrong with the photo at all. We think Miss looks lovely,” her students argued.

“She is a brilliant teacher,” another one wrote in the comments section. “She is there to help students who have problems like bullying and stuff.”

In the post which has since earned over 300 comments, one of Lydia’s students wrote: “She does so much to help us and we’re so upset she’s been suspended.”

The 39-year-old teacher took to social media for comments.

Image shows the “provocative” social media post from Ms Lydia Ferguson.

“I don’t think it’s seductive or inappropriate either,” Ms Lydia said.

“I’ve always stuck to a rule on FB and Insta that if my Grandad bless his heart would look at any of my pictures in disgust then I would never post them.

“I’m not worried about my pictures, but it seems some people are.”

The single mom who has three kids continued in her post, “After it all blew I knew I couldn’t go back to the school. I’m no longer employed there.

“I just don’t want the stress of it anymore, my family have been through enough of it.

“It’s taken up quite a lot of my life which has been quite hard,” she added.

The Sun UK reported that Lydia was involved in a heated argument with the school staff immediately after her controversial picture surfaced online. It was her first teaching job.

A representative for the school confirmed in a statement that Lydia Ferguson is longer with in their payroll, stressing that the management has nothing else to add.