Dogs Held A Wedding Valued At £2,000.00

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

Happily ever after: Elvis and Elba kick off a new version of “puppy love” for dogs around the world.

Two love-struck pooches named Elvis and Elba were lucky to have their adoring owners sponsor a top-class wedding to pronounce them husband and wife, after spending £2,000 for the event.

Their wedding cake was made of dog food to ensure everything goes for the pleasure of the newest Mr and Mrs.

The lovely couple had their friends and well wishers attend the wedding that cemented their undying love in a never-seen-before wedding ceremony.

Puppy love isn’t a strange word for the pampered pooches–and no longer will it be for humans after now.

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

Hungry for a tasty bite on the cake? You may have to wait until Elvis and Elba say you can.

41-year-old Alma Padillia who owns one of the pooches said it wasn’t so easy for her to decide letting them tie the knot. It was a hard decision made possible by a proven “puppy affection”.

She said: “I knew the two had to get married after realizing they are destined to spend their lives together.

“I got married in a civil ceremony and wanted the dogs to have the wedding I couldn’t have.

“It was a beautiful day but very stressful for me because I had to make sure my babies had their dream doggy wedding.”

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

The reception where Elvis and Elba wedded.

The ceremony reportedly took place at the Dogs Country Club in Lowton, Greater Manchester.

Snezhana White who owns one of the celebrants said: “It was a wonderful ceremony and everyone was really excited to be hosting our first doggy wedding.”

What a glamorous affair celebrated in the most expensive wedding. White adds: “I am really proud of how the event went – it really was an amazing wedding.

“People came from far and wide to attend and there were so many dogs at the ceremony.

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

Of course, a £2,000 wedding can’t be held without friends and well wishers. There were other dogs who came, too, to feed their eyes and enjoy sumptuous meals. They’ll be returning home wishing on their owner’s kindness.

Love is meant to be celebrated but true love should be honored and revered–especially when it’s a blessed union.

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

Here comes the bride in her sparkling wedding gown.

“There was even a special table full of dog food for the four-legged guests, with a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake for them to eat, “ White added.

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

And you may kiss the bride, Elvis.

Elvis and Bella's Dog wedding

Alma [one of the wedding sponsors] is said to be a married mum-of-three. She’s from Radcliffe.

In her words: “It was my dream for them to get married after seeing how much they truly love each other, so when my friend offered to help me organize the wedding I was very happy.”