Dame Judi Dench Wins a Record 8 Awards.

Dame Judi Dench wins 8th Olivier Award

It is something worth celebrating for Dame Judi Dench who has won a record-breaking eight awards after the most recent accolade at The Olivier Awards 2016.

The famous actress is the first person to have won this award eight times more than anyone else in the history.

She was given the honor on April 3 for for the role she played as Paulina in The Winter’s Tale. The movie was produced by Kenneth Branagh.

Dame Judi was crowned with the Best Supporting Actress award.

Previous awards: 1977 (Macbeth), 1980 (Juno and the Paycock), 1983 (Pack of Lies), 1987 (Antony and Cleopatra), 1995 ( A Little Night Music) and 1996 (Absolute Hell).

The awards include a special one received in 2004 for her services to movie theater.

Dame Judi didn’t have the slightest feeling that she would come out a winner. She had a bet with her grandson and lost – or rather won.

“I’m rather overcome, actually … I didn’t expect it. I made a bet with my grandson and I’ve got to pay out now … we’ll go out to supper.”

That’s what happens when you don’t know how much you mean to people in the industry as well as viewers all over the world.