18-Year-Old Girl Broke Up With Boyfriend and This Happened.

Would you call it love, lust, obsession or sheer jealousy and wickedness?

A love-struck boy had no choice but to lock up her ex-girlfriend in a basement for the beating of her life. The attack lasted about 4 hours.

Laura said she thought she would die after losing so much blood.


Her attacker visited the girl’s home and dragged her out to his car while she was dressed in a nightwear, took her to a basement before hitting her with some blunt and sharp objects.

The ex-lover Jason Haw launched the mad attack because he had suspicions that Laura Smith was cheating.

Jason Haws attacked Laura Smith


The Magistrates Court in Burnley put Jason Haw on trial and found him guilty of three counts of assault. He is now starting a prison sentence that will see him behind bars for 16 weeks. Together with his prison sentence comes a 3-year restraining order.

The assailant was a soldier who worked in a private security after leaving the Army.

While the victim was in the basement, Haw took hold of her phone and demanded to see the contents.

“He banged her head hard against a wall, pinned her down, sat on top of her and demanded to know if she had had sex with him,” the report says.

After attacking the victim, Haw asked her, “Have you got love bites?”

He then tore off her pyjama top and bra to look for any physical evidence to prove his suspicion.