Beyonce Wins Lawsuit On “LEMONADE” Copyrights.

Beyonce has won a lawsuit filed against her in June by a Louisville filmmaker who claims the famous singer and her management company–Parkwood Entertainment, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Recording Corp–stole his copyrighted material in the “Lemonade” video.

Image: Beyonce

Fulks [the claimant] says queen Bey’s producers copied parts of his 2014 short film, “Palinoia” for the award-winning music video.

Beyonce won Breakthrough Long Form Video Award with “Lemonade” at the August 28 MTV Music Video Awards, the first-ever live MTV Video Music Awards show from New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

In his lawsuit, Filks allege that alleged that “Lemonade” was produced a few months after a senior vice president at Columbia Recording Corp. sent a link to his film for producers to modify in their blockbuster music video.

However, a judge handling the case in New York has “tossed out a Kentucky man’s claims that the trailer accompanying Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade” used ideas from his short film”, News Day said.

Image: Beyonce

Federal Judge Jed Rakoff threw out Matthew Fulks’ copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday, saying reasons for the action will be explained later.

Representatives for Beyonce and the corporations didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday. Lawyers also didn’t immediately comment, the report said.

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