Parents Gave Their 14-year-old In Marriage Out Of Gratitude, To An Accused Rapist.

Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus have been arrested for crimes against children, after they were exposed to have given their 14-year-old daughter in marriage out of gratitude, to an accused rapist Lee Kaplan.

Reports confirm the teen girl was handed over to an alleged pedophile at a younger age without a birth certificate so it’s not yet clear how long he had sex with her but records show she got pregnant at 14. 

Lee Kaplan, front in yellow, and Daniel Stoltzfus, back in yellow, both pleaded not guilty to their charges linked to the 12 girls hidden in Kaplan’s basement.

Image shows Lee Kaplan (the accused pedophile) in yellow jumpsuit.

The court in Pennsylvania heard that the weird parents willingly gave their first daughter–now 18, to the man who got her pregnant and currently has two kids from the “illegal” marriage.

According to a report on the crime, another group of 12 teen girls were discovered to be hiding in Lee Kaplan’s basement. He was busted in June.

The rescued children have been living in his home for the last three to four years, prosecutors said.

In their police statements, Daniel and his wife revealed they had given their children to the Bucks County pervert as a gift because he saved them from financial ruin and helped them renounce their Amish ties.

Surprisingly, after Lee was arrested, Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus–parents to the abused 14-year-old,  claimed several of the other girls were their daughters.

As if giving a teen girl in marriage wasn’t enough for the couple, they had left their other nine girls in the hands of this child molester. Lee was in charge of raising 13 teen girls in his home, 10 of which were children to Daniel and Savilla.

These wicked parents passed a life sentence to innocent kids who did them no wrong. It wasn’t as if they were held under gunpoint to “make 10 kids” if they couldn’t raise them. Police believe there’s more to be revealed in this crime story.

Savilla Stoltzfus, in red, pleaded not guilty to her charges on Wednesday.

Image shows the mother-of-ten Savilla Stoltzfus.

On Tuesday, the alleged pervert was arraigned in court. He however, pleaded NOT guilty for statutory rape charges after he impregnated the teen girl, according to Philly.

Savilla Stoltzfus reportedly told officers they knew the 51-year-old man was having sex with their teen daughter, who then gave birth to his two children, a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old baby.

Investigators still have not found any birth certificates linking the stash of adolescent girls to the parents.

The report adds that children’s services have taken custody of the kids, while it remains unclear where the eldest daughter is. Police are still interrogating the teen girls to learn if any other minors had been abused during their stay.

Daniel Stoltzfus gave away his daughters to Lee Kaplan to show his appreciation for helping him out of financial ruin, police said.

Image: Daniel Stoltzfus

In a twist of events, the apparently bewitched 18-year-old daughter of Daniel and Savilla professed undying love for Lee after he was arrested.

Twelve girls were requested from this suburban Philadelphia home.

Home of Lee Kaplan where the arrest and discovery took place.

Jen Betz, the angel woman who made the child welfare call that eventually led to the bust, said every time she saw the girls, they looked frightened and upset.

“They just looked unhappy and sad and again in the blue dresses, and I’ve been telling my husband for years, ‘something isn’t right,” she told reporters.

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