Why Megan Rapinoe sued famous actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Megan Rapinoe has threatened to take legal action against actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, after he shared his new XFL logo, which she has alleged to be similar to TogetherXR’s branding.

The US soccer star’s wife, Sue Bird, along with Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, and Simone Manuel co-founded TogetherXR to help young people challenge society’s conventional roles for women.

In a tweet on Thursday (7 April), Rapinoe shared a screenshot of Johnson’s announcement of his American football league’s new brand identity.

Her caption reads: “Welp. This is awkward. Only thing @TheRock and @XFL2023 are gonna be cookin up is a response to the Cease and Desist and an ENTIRE new brand ID. @togethxr got this on [lock] boys.”

Rapinoe was backed by Bird who also shared a photo of Johnson’s company, writing: “Well doesn’t that look familiar.”

Image: Megan and girlfriend Sue Bird

While they didn’t specify the exact area they have an issue with, it appears the “X” in Johnson’s new logo closely resembles the “X” in TogetherXR.

The Independent has contacted Johnson’s representative for comment.

Johnson secured the XFL league in 2020 from WWE owner Vince MacMahon. He’s since developed a partnership between the XFL and NFL to grow the game of American football.

XFL described its new “visual identity represents a new era for the forward-thinking league, signalling one of inclusivity, innovation, and co-creation as it works to build tomorrow’s league”.