These Wechat memes can get you deported from Canada

The photo above shows a Canadian Border Service Agency official on duty at Toronto International Airport.

Foreigners who love using chat apps like Whatapp, QQ, IMO, Viber, Skype and especially, Wechat in Canada are advised to consider the laws and security risks in the country while on social media. Some Wechat memes could pose a great risk for those who are ignorant of the laws. 

Image: WeChat Logo.

It’s a known fact that using these memes can be pretty efficient in getting your point across very quickly. The picture icons help us avoid the inconvenience of typing words and thereby saving time as well as relieving stress.

But such can also get you deported from Canada.

Two Chinese students were recently deported by the Canadian customs service for the possession of obscene content in their WeChat conversations and memes.

Further details was not released to the general public but there are speculations that the students may have used self-made memes that depict sex or violence.