Cash Flowers trending as best gifts for loved ones


What could be the best way to pop those magical words – Will You Marry Me? Some do it smiling, crying or kneeling. Arghh! Some say it with different gifts in hand. Have you thought of cash flowers? Ever seen one around, somewhere?

“Money, money, money! If I had little money…  

Giving cash flowers as gift means you have so much money. Or better still, you live in a rich man’s world”.

Would you propose to your girlfriend with a bouquet of crispy banknotes? How do you like the idea as a lady?


A man named Ma Juncao from China’s Henan Province proposed to his girlfriend with a bouquet of one-hundred-yuan banknotes on Sunday, and guess what? She said “HELL YEAH”.

“From now on, all you need to do is to stay beautiful. I will be the bread-earner,” said Ma to his girlfriend after hearing YES from his fiancee.

The two lovebirds have reportedly been in love for three years before he made the proposal.


Image: Ma Juncao with his cash flowers and a bouquet of roses.