Shedding Tears For Nature.

What has nature done to humans that it deserves an ill-treatment? If we cut down all the tress; pollute the waters and air or consume all the animals, would mankind get satisfaction?

These elderly women were seen cutting down trees for the sake of picking sophia flowers. They showed no sympathy for nature as they committed this inhumane act in an Ancient Relics park. imagine that.

The said flowers were yet to mature so it is hard to understand why they needed it so badly that they have to get them in this cruel manner.

In China, sophia flower buds are used as part of Chinese medicine. Sometimes, people use in preparing seasonal delicacies because of the fragrance and good taste. Those who use the flowers in making food spices harvest it in full bloom before drying it in the sun.

Most people harvest the flowers in the forests but not in a public park. This is an outright brutality to humanity and nature.

All that for this.

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