Music icons mourn South African rapper Riky Rick

Music icon Riky Rick’s death has shaken the music fraternity and the entertainment industry to its core.

Riky Rick

Riky established himself as a leading player on the South African entertainment scene as a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and fashion aficionado.

The 34 year-old rapper passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, February 25, in Johannesburg.

He apparently committed suicide but his family has not confirmed this.

On social media, celebrities like Somizi Mhlongo, Pearl Thusi and Nadia Nakai, who are evidently devastated, posted videos and pictures in memory of the “Nafukwa” rapper.

Somizi posted a video of Riky and him hugging and having a conversation in a crowded place while the voiceover in the video was of Riky uttering some profound words.

In true Somgaga style, he wrote in the caption: “I am not ok shemmmmm. Oh Ricky u did everything HARD. U laughed hard. U played hard. U loved hard. U cried hard. U worked hard.

“U dressed hard. U balled hard. If i was asked whats the one thing ill remember u by…id undoubtedly say the way u got excited to see me whenever we bumped into each other ….On this day u asked me if im ok after everything ive befn through and i said im ok.

“Then u said somizi pls let me know if u need to talk or need anything….i promised i will…little did i know im hugging u for the last time….Rest papi…i love u. Prayers to yo family”.

Pearl Thusi shared a variety of pictures and a music video and in part of the lengthy caption, she wrote: “You definitely will never be forgotten and if there is another or more life beyond where we are now- I hope to meet you again. Rest in Power, Boss Zonke.

“Thank you for leaving us with so much to remember you with. The world is a cruel place- too cruel for people as pure as yourself. We will make sure you are remembered, forever,” wrote Thusi.

Nadia Nakai posted a video of Riky and her performing at a concert.
She wrote: “You said you’ll return a better man, but it won’t be in my life time. I’ll never get to do this with you again. 🕊💔”.

Judging from his peers’ tributes it is clear that his impact on their lives and the industry was so great that they are left devastated by Riky’s death.

In August 2021 when Riky heard of the untimely passing of amapiano star Mongezi “Mpura” Stuurman, he took to Instagram to offload his emotions about the death. He also discussed the downside of the music industry.

In one part of the video, Riky said: “You see this industry and think it’s like every place you want to be, it’s who you want to be, it’s who you want to be with, but when you there you start to see it’s a lonely industry, it’s an industry that’s darker than you think it is. It’s an industry that takes you to be very strong because you going to experience the worst amounts of pain,” said Riky.

Riky was known in the industry as someone who always wanted to uplift his fellow entertainers and welcome new talent into the circle.

He was never afraid to collaborate with artists and his energy was infectious, especially at live performances, where he was known for dancing topless.

The funeral of the Riky, will take place at a private ceremony in Johannesburg on Tuesday, March 1.

The family have planned an intimate gathering for his send off.

The service will be live-streamed.

Close friends, family and selected media will gather for a special Tribute Celebration next Friday, March 4. The tribute will also be live-streamed.

Funeral Details

Date: Tuesday, March 1

Time: 10am to12pm

Live-streamed link to be advised on the day.

Memorial Service Details

Date: Friday, March 4

Time: 10am for 2pm

Live-streamed link to be advised on the day.

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