Monstrous Manhood Won’t Let Him Have S∂x “In Peace” (18+).

In a case of “one man’s food being another’s poison”, a man named Sorence Owiti Opiyo, who was divinely blessed with a monster-size penis, is now wishing he had something smaller than a kid’s index finger.

Though Owiti has something most men take drugs to acquire–with some undergoing surgeries, he hopes to find help to save his life soon.

Meet the man who can’t have sex because his penis has grown bigger than a BABY

Image: Sorence Owiti Opiyo

Reports confirm the man who could better be referred to as “men”, have tried an operation to reduce the size of his sugarstick but that was his worst mistake. His manhood has since grown back in length and girth.

Owiti is currently facing a very big threat to his life as the penis is said to have grown around 10 times than it was, before the initial operation.

Can God bless one with a curse? Some would say “yes” and “no”.

In Owiti’s case, doctors say he’s suffering from a rare disease that can see his penis continue to grow to the size of a baby. Good heavens!

In what is believed to be the only case in Kenya, the man’s mysterious condition has left him unable to make love and have babies of own due to the eye-watering size of his manhood.

Owiti “The Men” has his manhood hanging far below his knee and very close to the ground.

The rare gift has left him miserable all his life. He has suffered from losing all his friends, having no luck with girls, and finally had to drop out of school due to constant bullying.

Meet the man who can’t have sex because his penis has grown bigger than a BABY

Image: Sorence Owiti Opiyo

“The Men” who would rather be “a child” as it stands now, is from Kisumu County, a location in Kenya.

According to a report, Owiti says he’s fighting hard to find the best measure that will save his life. He would trade anything to have his normal life back.

If Owiti is to become a public speaker–yes, I know the female crowd would be carried away with the sight, but I think he’ll do well in advising only men who do lots of unprintable things to “boost” their monsters.

Many men have fallen victims of scam in the process of penis enlargement. A lot others have taken poisonous substances and lost their lives. Self confidence, the say, should be every man’s medicine with regards to this. Owiti sure has more to advise on this.

The Kenyan has suffered deadly blows from life but he’s a survivor. He developed this rare illness ten years ago and was raised by his grandma, after his parents died when he was only 5 years old.

Reports say the “disability” showed up first like a very tiny swelling around his male organ, and has continued growing ever since.

Now he can’t wear shorts or trousers because nothing fits him.

If only God had blessed him with money, he could have employed a personal fashion designer to handle the challenges with clothes. But wishes aren’t horses.

Meet the man who can’t have sex because his penis has grown bigger than a BABY

Image: Sorence Owiti Opiyo


The family is appealing to well-wishers for financial help to help him undergo another surgery scheduled at Jaramogi Oginga hospital in Kisumu.

Hope GoFundMe can find this man wherever he is.

Meanwhile, join hands and pray the surgery doesn’t power up the monster with adrenalin this time. It won’t be a good sight seeing him crawl with a “python” between his legs. God please have mercy.