Japanese Man, 63, Fights Off Bear With Karate.

A Japanese martial arts expert Atsushi Aoki was reportedly fishing in a mountain creek when a huge black Asian bear attacked him but the 63-year-old bravely fought off the animal with karate.

Image shows Atsushi Aoki and the bear that attacked him.

Aoki says the bear measures 6.3ft in height when standing on its hind leg but despite not being a match for his assailant, the kungfu master used only his rock-solid hands to fight off the bear.

Of course, the fisherman’s victory didn’t come easy. He was left with injuries to his head, arm and leg.

After the horrific fight, karate master Atsushi told a Japanese broadcaster: “I thought it’s either ‘I kill him or he kills me’.”


“The bear was so strong and it knocked me down.

“It turned me over and bit me right here,” he said pointing to his bandaged leg.

The Straits Times quotes this survivor as saying: “It came pouncing towards me when my eyes met the bear’s.

“Its rounded ears were perfectly circular just like a teddy bear’s and its face was so huge.

“The bear had such, such great strength. I was knocked over when it leapt at me. It scratched me and bit me. But in the end I managed to trick the bear, poked it in the eyes and it ran away.”

Another report says Atsushi pranced in a calculated move before landing deadly blows on the bear that sent him running into the bush.

Whatever it was that he did to live on. One thing is for sure, the bear lost appetite for food too soon, giving the “jungle master” a chance to run quickly to his car.

“He drove himself to hospital and he even remembered to grab the fish that he had caught,” a local police officer said.

According to the report, Japanese authorities advised against Aoki’s course of action when confronted with a wild bear. Do not try this at home–I mean in the jungle.

Four people have been killed in separate bear attacks in Japan this year, reports confirm.

“If you witness a bear, don’t fight. Walk away quietly and report it to the police instead,” an official told The Japan Times.