Lady Gaga and Madonna in love again after their bitter 10-year feud

Madonna and Lady Gaga rekindled their friendship after many years of separate existence.

Until Madonna’s Oscars afterparty (Feb 26) which presented the warring music idols with an opportunity to celebrate love, both women were clueless on how to deal with their bitterness towards each other.

The first picture of Madonna and Lady Gaga since they separated 10 years ago was posted by on social media by Time magazine.

Excited with the Instagram post showing them cuddling on a crumpled white background, Madonna later shared the photo on her page with the caption: “Don’t Mess with Italian Girls.” Further, she added a black emoji with a tag on the unnamed French photographer who goes with the pseudonym JR.

Except for a behind-the-scenes video which showed both Madonna and Lady Gaga touching foreheads, nothing else was captured because the star-studded bash was strictly kept off social media.

While Gaga represents the rebellious new age in all ramifications, most music lovers (young and old) still relish Madonna’s superhot performances and contributions to the music industry.

However, Gaga’s constantly evolving image  and use of religious imagery in music videos, including exploits in genre-breaking music — as depicted in the hit track “Born This Way” —  sparked outrage from the Queen of Pop who claimed the idea was taken from “Express Yourself.”

Although Madonna never filed lawsuit to back up her claims, the most unexpected reaction was her performance of mashups of both songs at concerts and during tours.

In 2016, Gaga worsened the already bad situation by publicly saying they share no similarities because one writes her own songs and plays instruments, indirectly trashing Madonna’s dexterity in both. The British star later explained her anger in the documentary Five Foot Two.

‘I got upset that she [Madonna] took the allegations to the social media,’ Gaga said. ‘It was harder to remain silent and just put up with her passive-aggressiveness during the feud.’

Now that the two music idols have retraced their ways, fans are expecting something hot and sexy—the Italian way.