Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson gifts expensive classic car to NHS heroes

Simon Gregson has given away his classic car and motorbike to NHS heroes in a touching gesture.

The actor – who plays Steve McDonald in the ITV soap – took to Twitter on Friday to share his plans with his followers.

He wrote: “Dear NHS workers I have two classic projects (car and bike) if you ride or drive and like fettling old machinery there yours.

“Just a little thank you. They need work! But don’t we all. No delivery for obvs reasons oh and thank you.”

After a huge response, he revealed today that the two vehicles had been snapped up by a worthy NHS hero.

He tweeted: “So the car and bike have gone to be made better by people who are the best at it. Happy Easter be safe xx.”

Simon Gregson CAR

The actor, 45, is a big car enthusiast.

The 45-year-old was bombarded with messages from his fans who praised him for his thoughtfulness.

One wrote: “Aw what a kind gesture Simon … Im working for NHS but not on the front line – hope u and all ur family are well xx.”

Another added: “Lovely thing to do. Big up to the frontline NHS workers. #NHSThankYou #NHSheroes.”

Simon had provided more details about the two vehicles, writing: “It’s a 1968 triumph 1300 fwd needs work buddy but she’s free and I have to say the comfiest car I’ve ever sat in VAT and tax free.”

He added: “The other is a 1955 1 owner Francis Barnet kestrel 30c again needs work. I’d like these to go to people on the front line who deserve a gift for their tireless efforts.”