China’s Iconic Glass Bridge Shuts Down For Repairs.

China’s world’s longest glass bridge has been closed within less than two weeks after it was launched. Due to an overwhelming number of visitors swarming to the scenic canyon in Hunan province, the site at Zhangjiajie park will remain shut until safety repairs are carried out

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Image shows a girl jumping on the glass bridge to take photos.

According to media reports, more than 10,000 people visit the Guinness record-setting attraction on daily basis and this development is a huge risk that must be taken into consideration.

Managers at the park had planned to limit visitors to a maximum of 8,000 but the numbers kept increasing in tens and hundreds.

The bridge is undergoing “an internal system upgrade”, a local media quoted officials as saying. Information on when the site will reopen wasn’t available.

However, officials say this break will serve a good purpose as it would grant them a chance to update “software and hardware” related to managing visitors, Xinhua said Friday.

In an announcement on one of its social media accounts, the company apologized for the inconveniences caused, asking visitors who had scheduled visits to the site or made payments, to bear with them.

“You… have cheated consumers,” one angry netizen replied.

“I’m on the train right now. I can’t change my travel plans or get a refund. You have made the world lose hope. I see you are the world’s number one cheat.”

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Image shows the record-breaking glass bridge hanging at 430 meters (1,400 feet) long and suspended 300 meters above the earth.