Tyga’s Maybach Is Repossessed Few Days After Losing A Ferrari.

Tyga’s money problems seem to be unending as his Maybach 62 S Landaulet has been repossessed just few days after he lost a Ferrari. Details of the recent car financing trouble is yet to be revealed.


Image shows Tyga’s Maybach 62 S Landaulet (Source: TMZ).

Using a spare key to the Ferrari, a guy who sold it to him trailed the rapper with girlfriend Kylie while they were shopping for a new car at a Bentley shop, and zoom zoom zoom, the ride roamed off parking lot.

A disgraced Tyga and Kylie had to get help from pals who took them home.

With his list of supercars getting smaller day-by-day, the 26-year-old seem to be in need of a physician. He’s worth $10 million so it’s very strange that he doesn’t care about the public disgrace.

Image shows Tyga’s red Ferrari that was repossessed recently.

Though he seem to be having fun with the negative publicity, for Kylie’s sake, a change of attitude has become necessary for Tyga.

TMZ reports that the $2.2 million vehicle–Maybach 62 S Laudaulet–reportedly broke down a few months ago and was eventually towed to a repair shop in Laguna Niguel. Then Tyga abandoned the luxury ride at the workshop and never made his installment payments.

The Maybach company must have realized he has no need for the ride so they towed it away.

Last month, the rapper was served a notice for court appearance on an alleged lawsuit filed against him by an ex-landlord.

The owner of his Malibu home claimed Tyga owed some months’ rent totaling $480,000; he was also required to pay for repairs on damages to the property.

While he was away in the Bahamas for Kylie’s 19th birthday, a judge ordered for his arrest after he failed to appear in court for questioning on his finances. Reports confirmed the case was settled out of court on his return.

What a ride!

TMZ also confirmed in April that the rapper had his Lamborghini repossessed. The financing company was quoted as saying he owed a whooping $350,000 on the ride.

Before that Lambo incident, a Mercedes he bought for Kylie was also in danger of being repo’d.

Choice Motor Credit also claimed they had taken back Tyga’s 2014 Bentley Mulsanne in February though even after selling off the ride, the company confirmed as of April this year that he was still owing $91,000.00

Kylie Tyga 1

Image: Tyga and Kylie

In 2015, Tyga reportedly gifted Kylie a $320 million worth of Ferrari and another Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

However, after their split earlier this year, Kylie asked him to pay back an amount he owed her which was over half a million dollars. The lovebirds stayed apart for a while before re-uniting.

Following Tyga’s never-ending financial woes, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star bought him a Bentley worth a reported $320,000

Image shows Tyga and Kylie having fun in a super ride.

The rapper filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

More images from the repo’d Maybach 62 S Landaulet:

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