Oops! Selena Gomez. Dat Ur VJ Or What?

When the wind blows, a lot of hidden secrets unavoidably come to light. Ask mother hen, she agrees that Selena Gomez should have known better.

Selena Gomez leaves her Paris hotel

We can’t believe Selena threw caution to the winds and let the unimaginable happen in far away Paris in the name of Fashion Show.

The plunging neckline dress disowned her cleavage for reasons unknown. Yet, as if that wasn’t enough hate, the wind callously exposed your thang to the world. What a bad day! Some boys must be screaming an O. 

Bet Selena knew that before it happened. If it was intended to bring Biebs back – no, no, no – I guess you have better and bigger plans in the pipe.

Selena Gomez leaves her Paris hotel

Who doesn’t appreciate good things? You looked charming with your black over-sized coat, round sunglasses, Louis Vuitton handbag and Givenchy’s thigh-high black tip-toe boots on your arrival in Paris.

The Paris Fashion Week really made a mess of your decency, sis, but we already forgave you. Never mind the wind.

Selena Gomez is seen in a revealing outfit as she heads out in paris

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