Women Test Their Sexuality By Kissing Each Other.

Campaigns for LGBT hasn’t been widely accepted in most societies. It’s an argument that will last for ages no matter what the laws, morality and religion say about it.

Women kissing experiment

Image shows a lesbian woman (Left) and a straight female. Both participants felt nervous as they giggled moments before the YouTube Sexuality Test started.

A lot of “homophobic” people still think it’s appalling to see people of the same sex expressing love to each other but a sexuality experiment by YouTube personalities – Bria and Chrissy, portrays being straight or gay in another light.

A group of three straight women were filmed kissing other females in order to discover their true sexuality. Strange? Not exactly.

Women kissing experiment

Image shows a lesbian on the left, and a straight girl (Right).

It was the first time these heterosexual women kissed other females.

In the video posted by YouTube, Bria and Chrissy joined another group of four straight women in the kiss-and-tell experiment.

The women were expected to discuss how they felt during and after the encounter.

Women kissing experiment

Picture shows image from the YouTube sexuality experiment.

However, the straight women said there was no negative feeling about the girl-to-girl affection, adding that the experience had not changed their sexual orientation.

One straight girl said it felt good, just the same way she feels with the opposite sex.

In her words: “It wasn’t bad…I’m so straight,” she said, joking. “No, I’m going to call man right now and tell him it’s over.”

She added: “The boxes that we create for each other harm us more than they help anyone.

“If people are free to do what they want and explore what they like it makes everyone happier.”

Another straight girl said: “I feel fine. I don’t feel any different.’

Women kissing experiment

These women – gay and straight, started the kissing experiment amid broken nerves but after a short moment, they let go of themselves, applying their hands and doing more than expected.

The third straight girl said: “If you kiss someone of the same sex… that identifies you as a gay or lesbian and I totally disagree with that.”

The YouTube sexulaity experiment is called ‘Girls French Kiss Girls For First Time’.

This show which has been viewed more than 150,000 times also featured two lesbians including YouTube star Stevie Boebi who let people touch her vagina in a viral video earlier this year.