Woman begs court to dissolve her 9-month-old marriage for husband’s devastating ED

A woman named Helen Bassey Umoh has begged a court in Akwa Ibom to dissolve her sexless marriage on grounds that her husband, Michael Bassey Umoh, has woefully failed in his responsibility to guarantee sexual satisfaction.

Testifying on her husband’s ‘malfunctioning manhood’ at an Akwa Ibom State High Court in Uyo, the 25-year-old housewife explained that she has shown understanding but can no longer endure without sex in their nine-month-old marriage.


Helen, a graduate of Business Administration, told the court that her husband’s penis suffers inconsistent erection, adding that anytime Umoh’s manhood finally gets an erection, he would ejaculate within a few seconds.

“No real man does that,” the woman said.

Helen suspects the man knew about his sexual health challenges but kept it hidden before their marriage in April.

“My husband cannot satisfy me in bed especially in the night despite my efforts to get him aroused; he relies on sex enhancement drugs which has killed of the little strength he had,” she told the court. “Instead, anytime I deny him sex, he would pick up a fight with me…I am tired of the marriage.

“We don’t have any child yet and there’s no hope that we will.

“I am fed up with my husband’s harshness…It will be best for the court to dissolve our marriage because there is no love between us.”


Helen continued, “Umoh is a woman-beater. He’s fond of beating me at the slightest provocation and would at times curse me.

“My husband also also locks me inside our bedroom and blames me for our childlessness.

“I’m no longer ready to endure the pain and humiliation from an unproductive marriage and with a man that has no respect for his wife.”

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Mr. Umoh, in his defense, denied all accusations of spouse abuse.

During cross examination, he admitted having erection dysfunction problems but says, “The non-erection of my manhood is not regular…it is just that I am not always in the mood whenever she is aroused. It’s a lie that I need to use sex enhancement drugs before I can perform.”

Tips for lasting erection:

  • Stop the porn
  • Start the recovery process by focusing on intimacy with your partner
  • Don’t berate your partner for “sexlessness”
  • Avoid anxiety before sex
  • Manage stress and
  • Solve your marital problems. A pure heart is linked to intimacy; grudges, suspicion, and mockery are relationship killers.

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      1. I don’t blame her. Everyone deserves that satisfaction, especially in marriage.