Vladimir Putin says he will retaliate against America for a reason

Russian president Vladimir Putin has threatened that his government will take a decisive action against America for a series of attacks on Kremlin’s media powerhouses.

Vladimir Putin (Source: NBC News)

According to a report from AP, Putin spoke at a news conference in Vietnam last Saturday following complaints by RT Satelite TV Channel (a government-funded media house).

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The Russian president was offended that Trump’s Justice Department issued standing orders to RT, asking the media outlet to register as a foreign agent by Monday.

RT is based in Moscow and offers 24-hour news bulletins in different languages, including English, Russian, Spanish etc. With its multilingual service, the Russian media house presents Kremlin’s views on major world affairs.

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RT was established in 2005 by RIA Novosti, a Russian news agency which operates as an autonomous non-profit organization.

‘Without doubts,’ Putin angrily said at the event, ‘attacks against Krelin’s media houses in the United States is against freedom of speech.’

While Putin threatened to retaliate, Simonyan Margarita (RT editor-in-chief ) said the news outlet will strictly adhere to given instructions to avoid problems.

Ms Margarita said the U.S. government will likely freeze RT’s bank account and have her arrested for non-compliance.

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However, the editor-in-chief added, “We categorically disagree with this requirement and will legally see its end…it is discriminatory, it contradicts both the principles of democracy and freedom of speech.”

A netizen Jeff wrote, “Putin’s already retaliated. He gave us MiniPutin as the Dotard-in-Chief. How much more could he possibly retaliate?”

The words were a caption to an image which showed Donald Trump holding up a card with inscriptions:


 “LMAO! Freedom of speech claims coming from this old Communist KGB operative,” another commenter wrote. “No problem though, he has personally assured Donald that he had nothing to do with our election and Donald agrees, of course. With that Mueller stop investigating, its getting way too hot!”