Singaporean girl explains why she prefers Malaysian dudes

I am an average Singaporean girl-next-door and after being in a dating scene for a while, I realized that Singaporean guys cannot compare to Malaysian guys.

Even though Singaporean guys are generally more well-groomed, they still lack the confidence to carry themselves well. They are also more sheltered, dependent and like to hide behind their mother’s apron strings. Yet they are super not realistic and always hope to be together with the choicest girl in school or work even though these girls are way beyond their league.

On the other hand, Malaysian guys are more independent and can be depended on because they do not lead such a pampered life and are more resourceful in getting things done. If the light bulb spoil or need to fix some furniture, they can usually DIY unlike Singaporean guys who will just call and pay a handyman (who is usually Malaysian) to get the job done. They are also more practical and down to earth, simple comforts can make them happy, although this by no means is an indication of their lack of ambition or drive. On the contrary, they are very motivated to succeed in life because they know how hard life can be back in Malaysia. Some of them may not know how to dress up well, but their rugged nature more than makes up for it!

I am currently attached to a Malaysian guy and I can say that I am more happy with him now than with my Singaporean ex-boyfriends. He is very sweet and caring to me and we are planning to get married next year. To all girls out there, don’t limit yourselves to dating just local guys, you’ll never know what you are missing out on!