How Chloe Khan Disgraced CBB Viewers With Live Sex On TV.

Chloe Khan’s painful exit from the Celebrity Big Brother this weekend has stirred up huge controversies on her lifestyle and the lies behind a glamorous life well told. First, let talk about how she did what she knows best–sex.

She's out: in a twist of fate, Chloe Khan became the third housemate to be evicted as she lost out to Marnie Simpson on the final round of Big Brother's Big Risk

Image: Chloe Khan

The CBB stars voted unanimously for her exit, a few days after she took acting to the next level by letting housemate Stephen Bear lick chocolate off her huge breasts.

Chloe’s eviction makes her the third housemate to leave the house after she lost out to fellow contestant Marnie Simpson.

Bit of all white! Chloe left the house in a strapless white gown that barely contained her ample assets

Image shows Chloe Khan blowing kisses to the cheering crowd on her way out.

However, it’s quite right to say that she was ostracised due to the shame she brought upon herself.

It was the final round of Big Brother’s Big Risk, as Emma Willis entered the house to deliver the news in person.

The host explained clearly to the housemates that their destiny would be decided by the spin of a wheel, adding that the odds would be determined by the competitors.

Taskmaster: After receiving the most votes, James was given the honour of spinning the wheel which would determine the housemates fate 

There and then, Chloe lost out after squaring with Marnie.

Contrast: Emma Willis' demure little black dress was the opposite of Chloe's revealing white gown in every way as the pair chatted at the bottom of the stairs 

Image shows Emma Willis and Chloe Khan during her eviction from the CBB.

Her eviction was made possible, having lost support from members with the way she sensually licked her fingers while Stephen did his X-rated act on her. They ended up with a graphic sex show in the house, with everyone watching–not just TV viewers.

After her picture flashed up on the wheel, Chloe left the house in a strapless white gown that barely contained her ample assets as shown in the image above. 

Now back to the sex story. The “celebrity couple on TV screen” had fun while it lasted, but it’s sad that even viewers lost interest in Chloe after the sex act, so it was good she left anyways.

If only that chocolate was sweet enough to spice up their love life after the show, it would have been worth the shame.

As the picture shows, Stephen scooped a spoonful of chocolate, let it drip onto Chloe’s 34HH chest, and then lay down next to her.

The next thing was viewers watching as he started sucking off the chocolate in the most erotic manner, slightly pulling down her dress, and landing his mouth like a heavy magnet on her nipples.

It took quite a while before he murmurred a word but before then, Chloe was seen licking her fingers in a front and back movement, and moaning to the best of her ability. She seems to have forgotten she was live on TV. 

At that point the viewers angle was blocked by the TV camera for discretion purposes, I guess, but the sex-starved couple was just beginning.

It was hard to guess what was going on until much later when the supercharged Bear tried hard to pull his mouth away from the magnet.

Then he summoned courage and ordered Chloe to stop sucking her fingers.

Just when one thought, “yeah, do the right thing man, and stop that madness for Peter’s sake”, he ordered her to suck on a bottle. My goodness!

There and then, Chloe objected to the command, explaining that she feels like a whore auditioning for a porno movie. But when you thought she showed some decency, the big-breasted girl did the darn thing! 

Their craze got a hold on them when finally Chloe stripped and was stark naked, begging Bear for sex.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! God please, have mercy!

Both housemates had the raunchiest sex ever on live TV for the Channel 5 series.

Feeling remorseful, one would have expected the young lady to tender apologies but that was not to be. Instead, she felt like letting the merry go round.

What did she do? Chloe showed Bear her bosoms in public.


Image shows kinhearted Chloe displaying her boobs to Stephen Bear and the general public.

The same night, she got drunk and lost every sense of morality. Then she decided to show off her dancing skills by rocking a pole while housemates–Lewis, Bear and Marnie–looked on.

In the end, it was clear she really wanted everyone to remember the night. So she took off her top, putting her melons on show for every Dick, Tom and Harry.

She was heard shouting: “You know you want it!” 

Speaking to Emma during her interview, she said: ‘It’s so overwhelming, bit weird to leave in that way. I stopped caring what people thought as I knew I had to pick between them and Bear.

‘Bear’s the most genuine out of everyone in there. Everyone is so bothered about what people think. 

She added: ‘Renee’s the reason I’m here tonight, the b****. I knew she was trying to create a thing in there with Bear. I knew, I always knew.’

Careful! After her picture flashed up on the wheel, Chloe left the house in a strapless white gown that barely contained her ample assets

Image: Chloe Khan

Chloe continued: ‘That was such an intense compilation! 

‘I went in there saying I wouldn’t touch anyone in there but you forget there’s all those cameras. Things move quick in there.’ 

‘I think Bear is going to get worse’ she warned as she added that something would happen with him on the outside. Whatever that means.

Chloe has an ex-husband and a daughter from the marriage named Destiny.

Easy does it: The star was careful with her neckline since she only just squeezed into it

Image: Chloe Khan

Reports confirm that earlier on Friday, security was beefed up at the Big Brother house, following claims that Chloe had been receiving death threats.

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