This cat was caught stealing buns but his reaction will melt your heart

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you broke the rules to get them but got busted just when you thought “hell yeah, I got it!” If yes, then you’ll certainly understand how this cat felt after he was caught stealing against instructions from the owner.



The feline named Percy was caught red-handed as he tried stealing a cinnamon bun from the dining table but that wasn’t funny for the little guy.

Sophia Lindner from Ardmore, Philadelphia, had just prepared dishes for Christmas but knew her mischievous kitty would try something naughty.

Lindner, 19, told Buzzfeed that her cat has always played pranks but added that she never wanted any of those acts from the pet on that day.

In her words: “Even though he knows the rules, he will still try to sneak around them. Chocolate cupcakes, PayDay bars, popcorn, ham, chicken, beef jerky, pasta, Cheez-Its…”

The young girl said Percy has stolen so many things in the past that she can’t remember all. To her amazement, the cat does the impossible whenever he wants to steal.

She said: “He knows how to steal out of tupperware containers, cupboards, and backpacks.”

Lindner said her family held their yearly tradition of baking cinnamon rolls last Christmas, and she never wanted Percy to be anywhere near the snacks, so she warned him seriously.

“He knows that the word ‘NO’ in a low tone means ‘don’t do whatever you’re about to do’,” Lindner said.

The kitty owner sounded out her warnings and left the room believing she was well understood, but needed to re-confirm after two seconds.

A disappointed Lindner checked back in two seconds with a camera in hand, only to find Percy in a very difficult position. His hand was right there on the bun and he couldn’t take it away, knowing his time was up.


Yeah! He knew she got him on cam as a proof and their was no denying the truth.

Percy felt remorseful, but that didn’t stop Lindner from disgracing him online.

What commenters wrote:


Lindner said she’s still in love with her cat no matter the rules he has broken.


The eyes said it all, Lindner. But Joe Brockmeier thinks Percy is not done yet. He wrote: “Busted, but zero remorse. Will totally do it again. :-)”

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