Turkmenistani Horse: The world’s loveliest horse breed

Akhal-teke horse

Horses have existed alongside humans for centuries, and the domesticated animals are undoubtedly amazing creatures. Beautiful as they are, one may choose to say that horses are the loveliest of all animals.

People admire horses for different reasons – they have intelligent eyes, walk majestically, and possess great strength as well as speed.

Akhal-teke horse

Most rare breeds of horses are considered as raw gold, especially the Ankha-Teke breed, also known as the Turkmenistani horse.

A lot of people would agree that the Turkmenistani horse is the world’s loveliest breed. They are not only beautiful but have very shiny and metallic coats. The horses can be described as catchy though quite unusual.


Scientists believe the golden coat reflects and retracts lights, just like metals, due to their genetic makeup.

The Ankha-Teke breed [ is also said to be sporty, and performs well as a race horse.



Known in China as “horses from heaven,” there are only about 1,250 Turkmenistani horses around the world.

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