Hillary Clinton halts Campaign to watch Adele at a Concert

U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a memorable birthday as she turned 69 on October 26. 

Luckily for the Democrat, her favorite singer Adele was performing at a concert in Miami so the politician decided to give herself a rare treat by boycotting her campaign to catch a glimpse of the Brit.

For the honor, Hillary also got an outright endorsement from Adele on the eve of her 69th birthday.

Both women had a memorable night, most benefiting for the American who used the opportunity to enhance her chances at the upcoming presidential election.

Though the women didn’t meet for a handshake or hug, knowing that Mrs Clinton came around was enough for Adele to endorse her as America’s best choice at the polls. That’s a treasured gift from the famous singer who went further by campaigning in favor of her adoring fan.

Image shows Adele performing at a concert.

Mrs Clinton was honoring a fundraiser in Miami by motorcade but had to stop at the American Airlines Arena for Adele’s sake.

A spokesman for Mrs Clinton told reporters: ‘Adele said that while she can’t vote in the US she is “100 percent for Hillary Clinton”.’

Meanwhile, Adele found time on stage to express how she feels about the presidential candidate.

‘I love her [Mrs Clinton],’ Adele reassured her audience. ‘She’s amazing.’

Reports confirm that Hillary Clinton’s final campaign fundraiser will be a lavish birthday party in New York. Chelsea [her daughter] is also playing a huge role for her beloved mom as the young woman was scheduled to spearhead a campaign in Ohio on 26 October.

The “Hello” singer also informed the crowd: ‘I am English. But what happens in America affects me too, even though I’m from across the pond.’ Then she warned the crowd against casting their votes for the Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, saying: ‘I do know what to do — don’t vote for him, that’s what I’m saying’

Though Adele is not known as a politician, she has made some direct comments on a lot of political issues without minding what fans or critics think.

The British singer warned Trump sometime in the past, to stop using her music at his political rallies.

The warning to America’s GOP nominee came after her hits tracks “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall”, the singer’s popular James Bond theme, were played during a rally.

‘Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning,’ her spokesman said at that time.

While Adele feels no love for Trump, the Republican is apparently dying to prove his love for her.

Mr. Trump is a die-hard fan of the singer, and had to skip the queue during one of Adele’s concerts at the Radio City Music Hall in New York last year. The behavior attracted wrath from the impatient crowd but he’s who he is – Trump – and couldn’t care less.