Lady Gaga attains No. 1 spot on iTunes

Lady Gaga is one name in the music industry that needs no introduction. After delivering innumerable hits, her brand new album has also hit the right chords.

WizSpk Communication issued a statement mentioning that ‘Joanne’ has gone to 1 in over 60 countries including the US, the UK, France, India and many more.

The Golden Globe Award winner’s latest album is named after her late aunt whose death had a profound effect on her family.

Although the singer was born almost 12 years after Joanne’s death, she credited her late aunt for making herself and her family strong. The singer had cited Joanne’s influences many times in her previous works as well.

Image: Lady Gaga

After a long wait, Gaga came up with ‘Joanne’ which her fans accepted with all their love.

In August, Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ went into wrong hands who released a low-quality version of the track online. The singer was then forced to release the hit single ahead of its scheduled official launch 19 August.

Within few days after the hasty release, ‘Applause’ dropped to #4 on iTunes, and #8 on Amazon, with over 225,000 online downloads for the first week on iTunes.

Oh, my Lady Gaga!