Staying positive during crisis is easier said than done

To stay positive in crisis period is not easy but can be achieved with patience and positive attitude towards life.

1. There are ups and downs in our life. There comes happiness and sorrows as simple as day and night, alternatively. Both is temporary. When winter comes, can spring be so behind? The darker the night, the nearer the sunrise. There is silver lining to every clouds. Rough roads often leads to good destination.

2. We should accept both sorrows and joy humbly with patience. We should not be overwhelmed with neither joy nor sorrows. There is also success and failue as well. We should be further motivated in success. But in the same time not demotivated in failure. Because, in real sense there is no failure, there is either success or lesson for future success.

4. Positive approach to every situation is required. The philosophy is to see a half vacant glass as half filled. As example, after a big theft in your house, either you can break down in huge loss of property, or be relieved that some thing is saved and there is no injury on your side. There should be steps to catch the thieves and recovery of the goods. But, we should not be overwhelmed in loss. It is the positive approach. Something is saved and more damage is averted.

5. A little change in lifestyle and positive approach towards life facilitate to stay positive in difficulty and hardship. Taking part in creative activities make us positive. Physical exercises, yoga, and meditation make us physically strong. Mix only with positive minded people. Negative minded people make us mentally weak. Side by side, strong determination to stay positive in any situation is much supporting.