Ronaldo reacts to Dybala’s comment, says he’s used to being hated

Paulo Dybala has explained that he was surprised seeing Cristiano Ronaldo smiling when being told by him that he is being hated in his country of Argentina.

Cristiano Ronaldo last two seasons made the move to Juventus from Real Madrid where he met Argentine forward Paulo Dybala at Turin. And since then, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala have been good friends off and on the pitch in Italy.

According to the report on Daily Star, Paulo Dybala has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo for being an important figure stressing that he is happy to be his teammate.

The Argentine also explained that Cristiano Ronaldo laughed off after being told that he is so much hated in his country of Argentina.

He added that Cristiano Ronaldo was not angry hearing such statement, but instead told Dybala that he is used to such. “Always ready to talk, to listen, that surprised me, being an important figure, they are not always like that.

Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala

“Once I sat down to talk to him, we were traveling. I said ‘look, I’m honest, we in Argentina a little hate you, for your figure, for the way you are, then you really surprised me because I found something else’.

“He laughed because he said ‘I know that’s the way it is, but I know myself, I’m used to being criticised for that,” Dybala explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently took to social media to post a stunning photo of himself urging his fans and lovers to stay active in this troubled period where the world are battling against covid-19.

Football activities in virtually all the nations in the world have been suspended to control spread of the coronavirus. Some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates have already contracted the virus and were quarantined for proper treatment.

Cristiano Ronaldo luckily traveled to Portugal with his family before the virus became more deadly and he has not returned to Italy since then.