Kim Kardasian And Her Past.

On Sunday Kim Kardasian posted an 8-year-old picture of herself on with the caption: ‘a throwback to my skinny days’.

Childbirth comes with joy for every mother no matter what happens to the body and beauty afterwards.

For the 35-year-old mother of two, a lot has happened in the past 8 years and she hasn’t forgotten any of it. Though she is happily married to Kanye West, Kim is missing a lot from her old life.

'Throwback to my skinny days!' Kim Kardashian gets nostalgic as she shares a picture of 2008 photoshoot

A year before the picture above was taken, Kim had shot herself to limelight through the sale of her steamy sex tape with Ray J.

The following images:

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(Left) shows Kim back in 1998 when she appeared on an Australian newspaper; (Right) is

At that time she wrote: ‘We flew all the way to Australia and I was sooooo jetlagged but somehow made it through!’

(Right) shows Kim’s recent look after having two lovely kids.


The picture above shows Kim Kardasian West and family at Nobu in Malibu where they attended Rob’s birthday bash on Saturday night.

The Kardasian family has attracted both positive and negative opinions after the fame which came as a backdrop to her sex video, then her breakup with Reggie Bush and divorce with Kris Humphries. Nevertheless, the Kardasian family’s reality TV show and her marriage to Kanye West has enhanced their global publicity.

Whatever has happened to the family in the past years – divorces, break-ups, alcoholism, drug abuse, and sexualism – are all a part of the celebrity world.