Islamic Leader behind Barcelona Attacks fought Deportation through Human Rights Group in 2014

An Islamic leader who was identified among the victims of last Thursday’s explosion preceding the bloody attacks in Barcelona is believed to be constructing bombs for jihadists during the incident.

He is believed to have died in a residential building which housed the 12-man jihadists in Alcanar.

Image shows the imam’s residence in Alcanar.

The deceased stands accused, even in death, as the mastermind of last week’s terror attacks which carried an ISIS signature.

Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty successfully fought deportation in 2014 with help from human rights activists.


In 2010, the Muslim cleric was arrested by security forces after a tip-off on a drug-smuggling gang. He served his four-year term and remorsefully tendered a plea in 2014, arguing that his deportation as a foreign national with a criminal background would violate his rights.

His incarceration for smuggling marijuana into Spain, and the residential permit, allowed Es Satty some time to plot revenge against the society.

Media reports speculate that the radical Muslim cleric was radicalized in prison.

The Moroccan filed for asylum and fortunately, was permitted free movement throughout the European Union’s Schengen area.

Es Satty later became an imam in the town of Ripoll where he nurtured his terror plans. Three years later, he had recruited and brainwashed the teenagers who wrecked havoc in Barcelona last week.

Prior to the bombings in Spain, the cleric who had climbed through the ranks in a Belgian mosque was relieved of his duties. He was called to question due to his shady history and radical beliefs.

One of the four-man gang who carried out the bombings — also the only survivor — testified in a Spanish on Tuesday, saying they were radicalized by Abdelbaki Es Satty.

The attack in Barcelona killed 15 persons and injured a total of 120.

Images from Es Satty’s home.

Reports say Es Satty, 45, spent time in prison with a notorious terrorist Rachid Aglif, who is serving time for his role in the 2004 Madrid bombings which killed 196 people.

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