This Japanese Tourism Ad was removed for being ‘Too Sexy’

An online video clip which aims at promoting Japan’s rich culture has been pulled down for being overly sexy.

Although the online video earned over 4,000,000 views within a few hours, most of those who love Japan’s sexiness have come to agree that too much of everything is bad.

Dozens of viewers posted complaints against Mitsu Dan – a popular Japanese actress who is known for featuring in sexually-themed movies- after she appeared in the controversial video wearing a kimono and caressing the head of a large rice ball mascot.

A bizarre Japanese tourism advert filled with explicit innuendos has been pulled for being 'too sexy'

The video, uploaded to YouTube in July, was intended to promote the Miyagi Prefecture, around 200 miles north of Tokyo

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Mitsu’s video which was uploaded late in July aimed at promoting the Miyagi Prefecture located around 200 miles north of Tokyo.

The weird tourism advert is filled with explicit innuendos which many netizens considered very offensive and ‘too sexy.’ Their outrage caused an immediate removal of the questionable video.

“Miyagi, I-cha-u!” the famous adult movie actress said to her mascot.

Although I-cha-u stands for “Let’s go,” the play on words was questioned because the same I-cha-u also mean “to ejaculate” in a different tone.

In one of the movie scenes, Mitsu was seen taking a ride on the back of a giant-size turtle — with permission, of course.

“Can I ride on you?” the actress seductively asked.

Then, the turtle blushed at the sound of her voice and its head increased in size before take-off.

Did you see the second turtle’s “wing” somewhere near her butt?

Coincidentally too, the Japanese word for ‘turtle head’ is ‘kamegashira’ which also means ‘glans’ in English.

Whatever message that Mitsu and her sponsors had for viewers woefully failed, so we thought, after the government agreed to pull down her video following the huge backlash.

South China Morning Post quoted Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai as saying, “We need to be considerate toward those who are unhappy and have negative feelings about it.”

Murai continued, “But I have no doubt the video played its role of attracting visitors to Miyagi prefecture.”

Mitsu acted in Sweet Whip (2013), Be My Slave (2012) and Sekigahara (2017).

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