Naked Restaurant Where Waitresses And Diners Enjoy More Than Food.

Model MicaelaSchaefer (R) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (L)

The newest trend in food business is fast taking company and clients businesses to a whole new level, offering more than just cash and food.

Every diner has something extra to share with the waitresses who are willing to reciprocate, with a ‘thank you for coming, hope to see you next time’.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

In this free pop-up restaurant, customers are free to undress and dine naked without any embarrassments.

Naked waitresses cheerfully welcome everyone; they serve you exotic meals with in the sexiest way one can ever dream of, making your eyes pop with amazement. No one ever gets arrested for eating at this newest food shop.

Model Micaela Schaefer (R) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (L) pose in a "Naked-restaurant

It’s all about sex and nudity. Of course, you’ll have to get an age pass to be entertained.

The new nude eaterie was launched in Berlin, Germany this week and brought with it, a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hot food ‘. While you can easily handle hot foods, it’s arguable that the waitresses make it impossible for one to control the internal  body heat that comes from those erotic sights all over the place–not just from the food.

Don’t think of visiting the shop if you usually have sweaty palms, you may not be able to handle forks.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Reports say meals were served free to naked customers – which is one reason why you should be naked while dining. You can’t have pockets on your body. Nobody does.

Even local celebrities were part of the launch which lasted one week only as part of the erotic ‘Venus’ festival in the city’s Black Cat restaurant.

German actress Micaela Schafer, 32, and Playboy model Sarah Joelle, 26, served the punters in scantily clad outfits. 

Restaurant guests Simone and Sven enjoy lunch at the "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Guests included local trader Sven, 42, and bookbinder Simone, 36 – who are both active in the swinging scenes according to local website Berliner Zeitung

They both enjoyed the free food – and the experience of getting naked.

Model Micaela Schaefer (L) and singer Sarah Joelle Jahnel (R) pose

Sven said: “When something like this is offered (free) we obviously want to take part. We have no problem with nudity.”

If you’re a shy guest who wouldn’t want to get completely naked below, you will be offered drinks only–so far you take off everything at the top–male or female.

Model Micaela Schaefera poses in a "Naked-restaurant - Black Cat"

Restaurant chef and art collector Karl Kinsky, 37, said: “Nudity brings looseness. For me this is what makes art. And I support any form of art.”