2 men killed a deliveryman just for 2 pizzas

Two men have faced trials for 3 pizzas and a man’s life, after they killed a Pizza Hut driver so they could grab the food for free.

The suspects hatched their unlawful plan to rob a pizza delivery man after they got drunk at a bar, felt hungry but didn’t want to pay for meals.

The Peterborough Crown Court heard on Monday that the victim, 45-year-old Ali Qasemi, died after one of the suspects gave him a deadly punch, causing the pizza man to fall and hit his head on a pavement.

Two men 'killed a Pizza Hut delivery driver to steal 3 pizzas'

Image shows the pizza man Ali Qasemi.

The deceased left behind a heavily pregnant widow and two kids. He died of a serious head injury sustained in the attack, a report from Metro confirms.

Joel Lawson, who’s from Norwich, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and robbery before the trials. The crime was committed on May 8.

However, his accomplice Mark Lintott [from Petersborough] denied the manslaughter and robbery charges.

Gregory Perrins, the prosecuting judge, explained that said Lintott, 29, contacted Pizza Hut for a purchase of three pizzas but gave a false house address in his street, the report adds.

The suspect was together with Lawson when the call was made, and both were on ground for a physical attack as soon as Qasemi arrived.

According to the judge, although Lawson was responsible for throwing the deadly knock-out punch, both he and Lintott were “equally responsible” for making the unlawful plan together.


3 thoughts on “2 men killed a deliveryman just for 2 pizzas

  1. Those guys can’t just be drunk. They must be high on something else for such a plan to be hatched on 3 pizzas. He probably wanted to knock the old man out without minding the surrounding. Bad luck. He and his hungry friend will rot in jail.

  2. Those are morons and the best place for them is jail. They need to sit down in confinement so they can think. Maybe they get to eat something better that pizzas in prison.